Look of the Day: Dark Flow

I love this dress!!! Love the movement and the way it flows in the wind.
I also love this HEAVY... tricolor necklace

So fashion week is over (shows and blogging) and we are back to our regular routines...
Summer is gone and everyone is back to school or work...
Everyone seems to be back on track BUT I feel a bit behind on my watch...
This summer has literally been a roller coasters of events and I'm still rolling... although not everything seems to be coming out the way I had planned my faith hasn't dropped to its bottom
and hope is still in my Pandora box.

My guts tell me that something GREAT is waiting for me and I'm absolutely grateful to be sharing this journey with the unconditional love and support of my family.
I've learned a lot the last couple of days, I've met outstanding people and I've become closer to those I never thought to be friends with...

This might sound cheesy but life is full of surprises!

A year ago I had planned my entire 2012 calendar but NOTHING has come out the way I had planned it...
I'm still in Montreal and I'm far from my goals... but everything happens for a reason and I've also learned
that a career is not everything in life... and that people are absolutely unreliable... I've learned many lessons... but bruises are not forever and I'm sure I will get back on my feet stronger and better!

I really hope my BIG project takes it shape very soon!

Have an AMAZING weekend!
Buen fin de semana!

Dress: XXI / Necklace: Winners / Shoes: Minelli

Photographer: Yousuf Hasan



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