Look of the day: Summer Sadness

Photography by Yousuf Hasan

So summer is definitely over :( ... Time literally flies...
I think this will be my last "look of the day" segment with light clothes because on that day I was freezing my butt while taking these pictures but they were worth every shiver!

They turned out very good despite the bad weather... I wanted so badly to take some pictures with my yellow blazer... I don't wear it that often because it easily gets wrinkly and its a bit long...But I very much love the color! I also had to wear my new babies... my sneaker heels from Italia!!!

I love the zipper detail on the sides and the color is absolutely stunning. This green forest is unique and I love that they don't have the Velcro straps...

I still can't believe that summer is over... Oh well it's time for a wardrobe swap to fall clothes!

Blazer: Mango / Top: HM / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Ovye by Cristina Lucchi