SMM23: Fashion Week Montreal Day 2


This was my first show of the second day and I absolutely loved it! DUY had so MANY pieces I wish I will be able to purchase for next spring! A light and fresh collection combined with a lot of transparency, movement and gold. I love when designers are creative but also innovative and DUY did it! A collection that is wearable and sleek. I also love the wide range of garments from denim to braided wool and solid light colors.

It was the "show" of the night and absolutely entertaining collection but a bit heavy for summer... The cuts and pieces are appropriate for summer but the fabric is a bit questionable... I really loved the entertaining factor of having a couple of men transformed into outrageous divas! The show was vibrant and youthful!


Unfortunately I was unable to take some nice shots for this show :( ... This collection was very bold with dark statements and some shimmer bright gold. A very simple but tasteful collection.
With some oriental accents and sharp angled pieces it was one of the most intriguing collections of the night.

DAY 3 will be posted tomorrow :)