SMM23: Fashion Week Montreal Day 3



As always Annie 50 showcased a very feminine collection with a bit of a marine thematic. A lot of coral,blues and patterns. Most skirts and dresses with some hair accessory. I really loved the color combinations and I felt like I had re winded in time :) I absolutely loved the hair styling and the white gloves!
A very chic and girlie 2013 summer!


I was fortunate to be seated front row and I got the surprise factor quite close... the dogs :)
Hip and Bone presented a very youthful and urban collection with shorts, blouses and t-shirts.
A very black and white collection... I must say I loved those leather sleeved trench coats!! I want one!
A very sleek and clean collection with a touch of surprise!


I somehow handle to get really bad shots for the last show... it was a very black, beige and a bit rocky collection. A bit of a biker look with the classic Rudsak trench coats... I absolutely loved the rounded sunglasses and the sandals!