Oct 25, 2012

Top 5 High Fashion Spring 2013

Every Fashion Week comes with a wave of expectations and is then left with a shore of criticism.  There are numerous things I could say about each designer but for now I will avoid the "bad guy" label and simply comment on the good aspects of these upcoming collections. Therefore I've chosen my Top 5 Designers for Spring 2013 from New York to Paris. 

Oscar De La Renta

Dominican designer, Oscar De La Renta is continuously innovative yet always maintaining elegance as one of his top design criteria. Spring 2013 is set to be classy yet a bit edgy but forever chic! An absolute divine combination of textures from striking electric blue leather to the unforgettable classic black lace. Above all the true "WOW" factor of this collection is the unexpected touch of surprise with those fuchsia accents and vibrant red accessories.

John Richmond

This British rocker has truly found his fashion home in Milano. John Richmond is ultimately the Rock star in the runway! The Parisian fashion house Balmain is known for its edgy accents but John Richmond wins my heart with his casual yet very elegant creations. Always refining and adapting his style from season to season. This upcoming spring carries a lot of cut patterned pieces with the classic touch of gold combined with bold colors such as white, black and red.

Burberry Prorsum

Far from it's traditional burgundy and trench coats Burberry Prorsum set the bar a bit higher for others with this out of space metallic fabric foil at London Fashion week. Every single piece is different in all angles from their patterns, cuts and accents. At every movement the pieces give various reflections and shades, it's absolutely stunning! I cannot wait for next spring!

Giambattista Valli

This Italian designer is not only fresh and innovative but is continuously maintaining an elegant line in every single piece. The details in the cuts, textures and colors is absolutely beautiful. This is the simplest collections of my Top 5 choices but is by far one of the richest in textures and contrast.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the most theatrical fashion houses in the industry. This British fashion house has still been sailing quite well with head designer Sarah Burton.  I'm normally not fond of this type of fashion because I believe it should always be functional and relatively wearable but this collection has really taken my attention. I love when designers take an idea and shape it to their style because it's a bit painful to see a collection that is all over the place and does not have a thematic. This collection is a true buzzzzz.... The honeycomb pattern literally gives structure to these pieces but also elaborates in the idea that as small as can bees are they can build an empire and this theme is clearly seen in every piece. From Corsets to dresses, hats and those killer shoes!

Source of pictures: stylebistro


Oct 19, 2012

Look of the day: Night Fall

(my new shoes by mel)

(My love rings)


I'm so excited to finally share a fall "look of the day" with all of you!!!
It's been quite crazy these days with a new job and some friendship issues but in the end life goes on and you can only move forward there is no rewind play on our life record. I'm so happy with the way these pictures turned out! I'm completely obsessed with knits because I love the texture they give to an outfit. They are simple yet they give a statement to your look. I also added an olive tweed jacket  to give some layer to my outfit and also some color! One of the things I love the most about fall is layering and adding texture to every single layer! I not only played with textures in this outfit but also with colors and patterns. As a glamour touch I wore my new glittery Mel shoes :)

Don't be afraid to mix and match!

Jacket: Mango / Knit: XXI / Skirt: Olivia / Shoes: Mel

Photographer: Yousuf Hasan


Oct 12, 2012

High School Fashion

I think we can all agree on the fact that we have come a long way from our high school trends. I attended high school from 2002 to 2007 and I truly cherish those memorable experiences. As a teenager you travel in this chaotic identity journey all while seeing your body change and a good dose of hormones kicking in.. In the meantime, all of this identity battle is reflected in your clothes... I'm sure I'm not the only one that has drastically changed her fashion habits since High school... And as a tribute to my great years in high school I wanted to write about these unforgettable fashion trends (from my generation) and simply take a look back on how fashion has evolved...

The jeans!!! From bell cuts to skinnies and ripped faded colored jeans... in high school I saw them all!!! The tighter the better! All girls would wear super tight jeans... Oh and let's not forget about those supper accessorized jeans pockets with "cool" designs to attract the boy's attention... 95% of the girls would wear jeans... and later on came along the fabulous leggings... like I said the tighter the better!

Back in high school sneakers were very trendy... it was quite rare to see girls in heels... sneakers were a great way to reflect what type of style you had... some liked skater shoes... others would go with some classic converse and some other shoes were simply "IN" ... such as Phat Farm sneakers... or those memorable boxing shoes... Everyone showed their inner character through their sneakers!

As a teenager you're easily influenced by your greatest music icons... Back in High school I clearly remember two of the biggest style groups were either "RAPPERS" or "SKATERS"... the people in between were either nerds... preppies... sporties... or loners...  In my early years in High school I sort of identified myself a bit more with the rap influence... with matching colored workout suits and some army camouflage prints... One of those trends I still remember was the time when everyone wanted a pair of those "JENNY FROM THE BLOCK" construction boots!

When you're a teenager you believe in the idea that the more the better... and accessories truly reflected this theory... There was a time when everyone had a bandanna... on their wrist, on their hair or simply tucked in the back jean's pocket. After the Tsunami hit on the shores of Thailand.... the big wave of colorful rubber bracelets came IN fashion... Everyone had one... from breast cancer to livestrong... This trends then evolved to World Cup fanatics... For those that had a more skater orientation the checkered belts were tied down to the skinny jeans and for some preppies the Van Dutch truck hat was always on their heads...

The list is endless... I could go on and on about these trends... I had to basically cut everything down to the ones that I've kept in my fashion brain archive!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on some High school trends (from my generation)! I must thank Baby Phat, Vans, Dickies and converse for guiding me through my own fashion trends :) I'm glad my style has evolved!

So have I changed?


Have a great weekend!!


Oct 4, 2012

Technology & Society

It's unfortunate to say that our current society is growing apart from humans and drowning itself in the coldness of technology. Sometimes I wish I was born in the past and experience simple things such as to be anxiously waiting by the phone for that special guy to call me... Nowadays some might even break up with you on a text message...

The cruel reality of our current society is based on speed and power.
With such fundamentals, selfishness  has nested itself into people's relationships.
People have forgotten the basics of a true friendship.
Everyone wants the latest phone, everyone wants to show the world they carry a beautiful life but behind doors they are empty and lonely.

 ( my great aunt)

My father once told me that if I was unable to count my friends in one hand that perhaps I had too many acquaintances... I remember that back in high school I use to worry about HOW MANY friends I had but as I've grown I've realised that friends have an end...
I've realised that as you grow your social circle starts to shrink...
People care much more about updating their Facebook status or how many people are following them on Twitter rather than being concerned about those around them...

(my grandmother)

As a fashion blogger it's hard or even impossible not to be connected to social networks....
But in whatever field you're working, you should not let technology feed you...
It's an outstanding tool that throughout time has been refined but remember those around you.

 *I picked these pictures because they remind me of the good old days .. also because I admire them*