Top 5 High Fashion Spring 2013

Every Fashion Week comes with a wave of expectations and is then left with a shore of criticism.  There are numerous things I could say about each designer but for now I will avoid the "bad guy" label and simply comment on the good aspects of these upcoming collections. Therefore I've chosen my Top 5 Designers for Spring 2013 from New York to Paris. 

Oscar De La Renta

Dominican designer, Oscar De La Renta is continuously innovative yet always maintaining elegance as one of his top design criteria. Spring 2013 is set to be classy yet a bit edgy but forever chic! An absolute divine combination of textures from striking electric blue leather to the unforgettable classic black lace. Above all the true "WOW" factor of this collection is the unexpected touch of surprise with those fuchsia accents and vibrant red accessories.

John Richmond

This British rocker has truly found his fashion home in Milano. John Richmond is ultimately the Rock star in the runway! The Parisian fashion house Balmain is known for its edgy accents but John Richmond wins my heart with his casual yet very elegant creations. Always refining and adapting his style from season to season. This upcoming spring carries a lot of cut patterned pieces with the classic touch of gold combined with bold colors such as white, black and red.

Burberry Prorsum

Far from it's traditional burgundy and trench coats Burberry Prorsum set the bar a bit higher for others with this out of space metallic fabric foil at London Fashion week. Every single piece is different in all angles from their patterns, cuts and accents. At every movement the pieces give various reflections and shades, it's absolutely stunning! I cannot wait for next spring!

Giambattista Valli

This Italian designer is not only fresh and innovative but is continuously maintaining an elegant line in every single piece. The details in the cuts, textures and colors is absolutely beautiful. This is the simplest collections of my Top 5 choices but is by far one of the richest in textures and contrast.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the most theatrical fashion houses in the industry. This British fashion house has still been sailing quite well with head designer Sarah Burton.  I'm normally not fond of this type of fashion because I believe it should always be functional and relatively wearable but this collection has really taken my attention. I love when designers take an idea and shape it to their style because it's a bit painful to see a collection that is all over the place and does not have a thematic. This collection is a true buzzzzz.... The honeycomb pattern literally gives structure to these pieces but also elaborates in the idea that as small as can bees are they can build an empire and this theme is clearly seen in every piece. From Corsets to dresses, hats and those killer shoes!

Source of pictures: stylebistro