Nov 13, 2012

No11 Pour Elle Boutique

Being a woman in the fashion globe is not always easy and unfortunately some trends will leave us feeling more self conscious about our bodies than gracefully beautiful as the models on the runway. However we should never forget about the essence of our persona and cherish our best features at all times. There is a powerful sense pondered on what's beneath our clothes. I'm absolutely certain that a woman with well fitted and sexy lingerie will walk down the street with poise.

There should be no fear or shame to try lingerie! There are no excuses! Not because you're single or "old" should you feel embarrassed to ask for help!

I'm a petite gal and looking for lingerie can be quite a challenge but I've found a place that has unique pieces that are worth your time and money!

No11 Boutique offers a completely new experience in the lingerie fashion in Montreal. Bringing exclusive designs and brands that will only be found in this haven for women. Embracing every inch of a woman's body with undergarments that will bring the inner goddess in you. Aside from showcasing french laces and pieces from South America and Europe No11 is truly remarkable for their attentive customer service. This boutique fully comprehends that sometimes women like privacy and stepping into No11 is like setting foot in your intimate dream wardrobe. Delicately decorated with chandelier and rich velvet curtains this boutique will charm you!

No11 Pour Elle is the only boutique in Montreal that carries the renown lingerie brand called Kiki de Montparnasse. A brand that has been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and that sets both quality and style in pieces fully designed in French Lace and silk. Kiki De Montparnasse has gain great reputation in the lingerie world for their avant-garde yet elegant designs.

This Boutique carries other exclusive brands such as Bodas from the UK. This brand caters to make any woman feel absolutely comfortable and sexy all at once. No11 also carries MANY unique bikinis with exotic prints and exclusive designs. I always have a lot of trouble finding the right bikini because I feel that most North American swimwear designers do not fully understand the exotic lifestyle and evoke this tropical passion on their designs. However this boutiques offers various styles that have been designed and made in Colombia such as Estivo. I tried one of their bikinis and I simply fell in love with the fit and the colors are stunning!!!

No11 Boutique is worth taking a look and simply letting yourself indulge in some luxurious lingerie!

P.S: I will further show you my picks from this Boutique :)

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Nov 11, 2012

What is your type?

The market is flooded with books, articles and magazines that tell women "how to find the right match" but very few will talk about the after math of the unexpected events. One thing I've learned from my strangely fascinating love life is that unfortunately guys are the most unreliable creatures on this planet. As blunt as my  statement may sound it's the cruel reality of the facts...Their unreliability is subsequent to their inability to channel their feelings and express in a proper way their emotions.

For the past 2 years I've had no luck or horrid luck on meeting decent fellows and with such love record my friends keep asking me "what is your type" ?...Aside from questioning the fact that my friends are worried about my love life what truly puts the interrogation mark in mind is the question itself... "what is my type"?
I wonder who the hell invented the different variations of "types"... I find that types can be compared to styles in fashion because it's hard to specify a certain style and categorize that this and that person have these styles...

When someone asks me "what is your style" I'm as lost as when someone asks me "what is your type of guy"... I don't have a style I just wear what I like and I like what I wear... I wear whatever suits me and feels good to my skin... and I think the same principle applies to "what is my type "... I don't have a type but as any other girl I'm equipped with a sixth sense that tells me if it has clicked or not....

I don't have a "type" but whenever I don't like the guy I'm fully aware that he is not my type... I've recently realised that when things don't work out with someone it's not my heart that is broken but my ego... Because I may not have been into this guy but because he cut me off I'm hurt... I guess it's slightly comforting to know that I'm not upset over a guy but that my ego is hurt... although no guy is worth getting your ego bruised.

My dating journeys always (until now) ends on a black hole note but after wandering in these love mazes I always learn something and this time I've learned to listen to my intuition more than anything. There is a reason why red flags exist! I mean a mate with two cats and en e-bike... now that's a red flag my dears...


Photography by Yousuf Hasan