Dec 27, 2012

Holiday Fashion

 (sweater from a random downtown Montreal shop / necklace :Winners)

(Sweater:Mango/ necklace: Zara)

(Sweater: BCBG / necklace: XXI)

During the holidays I'm a bit lazy in my wardrobe selections... I'm not a very girlie gal... I prefer some comfortable jeans (or even leggings) with a cosy heavy knit! Therefore I try to accessorize my outfits with a statement necklace or some nicely structured earrings! Lately I very much enjoy buying unconventional leggings (bi colors , Galaxy and leathers).... they are great replacements for those cold hard jeans!

As for my necklaces here are some of my favorites! I love them because they add structure, texture and color to an outfit. With these necklaces your face becomes the main focal point and people will forget that you're wearing leggings instead of a dress... This Canadian weather is rough and wearings skirts or dresses can be slightly a pain in the butt... So wear heavy knits with a statement necklace and a pair of comfortable leggings or a nice pair of patterned pants.
We can't wear pj's anymore but this is a great option to replace those uncomfortable Holiday dresses... :)

Happy Holidays!


Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

(Classic sugar cookies)

traditional Portuguese Bread (some have baby jesus hidding in it ... similar to Panettone)

Merry Christmas!!! Feliz Navidad!!!

Last night I celebrated with my family Christmas!! We always celebrate on Christmas eve and stay up very late! We gather up and have dinner! We then eat more and more! Stuff ourselves with delightful sweets and we then play some games !
My family is very loud and we are always laughing!

Kids are running up and down anxiously waiting to open the gifts at midnight!
Throughout the night we eat a lot! From the traditional turkey to our traditional Latin sweets such as Flan and pan Dulce! For us Christmas is a time for family but also a time to remember the birth of our Lord. Contrary to some North American families we see each other quite often in the year for many other celebrations or sometimes Sunday dinners at my house with the grandparents... so for us this time of the year is much more than another family celebration but a time to be thankful for another year.

As you may see my family is quite big... Here you can see 3 generations of the Cerritos Family.
Happy Holidays!

Dec 18, 2012

End of the World

Today has been one of those days where you wonder "What on earth am I here for?"...It's in one of these solitary days I find myself puzzled and ironically mostly inspired by the great odds of life. Listening to "beautiful boy" by John Lennon and going through some family pictures brings back so many great childhood memories...It's amazing how time flies and how apparently our world will end in a couple of hours?!?...

(One second before awakening from a dream caused by the flight bee around a pomegranate 1944- Salvador Dali)

It's fascinating to witness the doubts and speculations people create around the thought that this world might come to an end... Ever since humanity realized that the Mayans created possibly THE most accurate calendars in our history...Endless hypothesis were born concerning the possible abrupt termination of this universe...

Although Mayan descents have clearly stated that this milestone if the closure to an important cycle; they have left an open question mark if this concurs to the beginning of a new era. Regardless of the scientific data on this subject the only reality we have is the present. I'm the worse person to suggest not to worry about the unexpected future events of our civilization but all I can say is to only take this time to realise all the great things you've accomplished in life.


Whenever my life feels upside down (as my current state of mind) I'm forced to flood my thoughts with all the great things I've achieved in these two decades of my life...Whether it was designing a beauty display for an influential brand or simply buying my own sewing machine... Just flipping through those thoughts makes me feel better about life.

(The temptation of St- Anthony )

I grew up in a Baptist Christian family and knowing that we've all been given a living soul feeds my faith with hope that in end nothing matters if you've done everything with love. I would be shamefully lying to myself if I tell you that I feel at my best in life... Frankly I currently feel like I'm dragging a lame life but nevertheless I'm greatly thankful for having the best family. Their unconditional love and support is what keeps me rolling! Getting myself back on track and oiling my gears to a new cycle in life is all I'm trying to prep for! I rather see this "end of world" event as the rise of a new start.

So whether this planet will come to an end or not...simply think that you've accomplished A LOT simply by taking a breath... Life is an unexplainable journey and sometimes we try being our own gods rather than letting life take its course.

(I shared some images of Salvador Dali's painting because his art is a beautiful chaos where the main focal point relies in the small details ... such as life itself)


Dec 16, 2012

Christmas fashion inspiration

(Alexander Mcqueen)

(Chanel Makeup /

(Alexander Mcqueen/ Valentino)


Sometimes I have to go back to the basics of blogging to get myself back on track... So after weeks of letting my blog get dusty in my computer files... I decided to show you guys some of my holiday inspirations... A lot of people go for the traditional red and green with some velvety texture... I prefer the edgy gold and silver metallic colors with lots of gem stones and bold accessories blended with some furry fluffy textures.

The holidays are truly the only time of the year that you can pull off a gold sequin blazer with a diamond statement necklace. I'm totally in love with these beautiful hair pieces for Christmas and those heavy earrings are simply stunning. I wish I could buy all of these pieces!!!


Dec 3, 2012

Dot & Lil lavender love

This summer I was introduced to Dot & lil products purely created and made in Montreal. I was quickly fascinated by the uniqueness of these adorable soaps and beauty care products.  It's fascinating the amount of detailing and thought that goes into these little goodies. There are endless scents, colors, textures and shapes; everyone is sure to find something! I also had the great chance to meet with Anne Dardick the master behind these unique products and I immediately sensed a lot of passion and devotion for her creations.

I love this Rosemary Lavender Soap!!! The lavender scent stays on you for hours!!! I usually shower at night and smelling the lavender on my arms while I lay on my bed simply knocks me off!!! This soap hasn't dried my skin and I just love the smell!!!

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble relaxing due to the countless thoughts that go through my brain but fortunately I was told that lavender is a great relaxer... and it's true! Lavender has been part of my sleeping routine ever since and it has tremendously helped me. I instantly became a Lavender guru and I've been trying various products that have this relaxing treasure but I'm very thankful to have bumped into these lavender goodies from Dot & lil .

With the weather changing my skin gets slightly dryer and sometimes it cracks... but this lavender and Shea body butter deeply moisturizes  my skin, especially my arms! It's truly miraculous! I love that it moisturizes my skin and the lavender scent relaxes me so MUCH! it's an aroma therapy!

I'm not only obsessed with lavender products but also with lavender in it's NATURAL state...
Dot & lil has these adorable lavender sachets that you can use to decorate your bath or rub the pouch  in your hands before going to bed ( smells your hands! It will relax you! ) Just like I do! OR you can use the Lavender inside for a lavishing facial :)

It's absolutely simple to make this scrub facial at home!
 You need :

-1/2 cup of oatmeal
- 1/2 cup of lavender
- 2 tablespoon of honey
-4 drops of lavender oil (optional)

You can add a bit of water or milk to make it less sticky or depending on the desired consistency (optional)

Mix it all and voila!!!

Apply it on your face and scrub for 1 minute you may leave it on for a maximum of 15 minutes
and then gently remove it with a warm damped cloth or towel. This scrub is good to repeat once a week maximum! Lavender is great to relax! Oatmeal will sooth your skin and honey has natural anti-bacterial properties!

I'm truly fascinated with these lavender goodies! I have everything to keep my skin beautiful and healthy!

Check out their entire line at