Dot & Lil lavender love

This summer I was introduced to Dot & lil products purely created and made in Montreal. I was quickly fascinated by the uniqueness of these adorable soaps and beauty care products.  It's fascinating the amount of detailing and thought that goes into these little goodies. There are endless scents, colors, textures and shapes; everyone is sure to find something! I also had the great chance to meet with Anne Dardick the master behind these unique products and I immediately sensed a lot of passion and devotion for her creations.

I love this Rosemary Lavender Soap!!! The lavender scent stays on you for hours!!! I usually shower at night and smelling the lavender on my arms while I lay on my bed simply knocks me off!!! This soap hasn't dried my skin and I just love the smell!!!

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble relaxing due to the countless thoughts that go through my brain but fortunately I was told that lavender is a great relaxer... and it's true! Lavender has been part of my sleeping routine ever since and it has tremendously helped me. I instantly became a Lavender guru and I've been trying various products that have this relaxing treasure but I'm very thankful to have bumped into these lavender goodies from Dot & lil .

With the weather changing my skin gets slightly dryer and sometimes it cracks... but this lavender and Shea body butter deeply moisturizes  my skin, especially my arms! It's truly miraculous! I love that it moisturizes my skin and the lavender scent relaxes me so MUCH! it's an aroma therapy!

I'm not only obsessed with lavender products but also with lavender in it's NATURAL state...
Dot & lil has these adorable lavender sachets that you can use to decorate your bath or rub the pouch  in your hands before going to bed ( smells your hands! It will relax you! ) Just like I do! OR you can use the Lavender inside for a lavishing facial :)

It's absolutely simple to make this scrub facial at home!
 You need :

-1/2 cup of oatmeal
- 1/2 cup of lavender
- 2 tablespoon of honey
-4 drops of lavender oil (optional)

You can add a bit of water or milk to make it less sticky or depending on the desired consistency (optional)

Mix it all and voila!!!

Apply it on your face and scrub for 1 minute you may leave it on for a maximum of 15 minutes
and then gently remove it with a warm damped cloth or towel. This scrub is good to repeat once a week maximum! Lavender is great to relax! Oatmeal will sooth your skin and honey has natural anti-bacterial properties!

I'm truly fascinated with these lavender goodies! I have everything to keep my skin beautiful and healthy!

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