End of the World

Today has been one of those days where you wonder "What on earth am I here for?"...It's in one of these solitary days I find myself puzzled and ironically mostly inspired by the great odds of life. Listening to "beautiful boy" by John Lennon and going through some family pictures brings back so many great childhood memories...It's amazing how time flies and how apparently our world will end in a couple of hours?!?...

(One second before awakening from a dream caused by the flight bee around a pomegranate 1944- Salvador Dali)

It's fascinating to witness the doubts and speculations people create around the thought that this world might come to an end... Ever since humanity realized that the Mayans created possibly THE most accurate calendars in our history...Endless hypothesis were born concerning the possible abrupt termination of this universe...

Although Mayan descents have clearly stated that this milestone if the closure to an important cycle; they have left an open question mark if this concurs to the beginning of a new era. Regardless of the scientific data on this subject the only reality we have is the present. I'm the worse person to suggest not to worry about the unexpected future events of our civilization but all I can say is to only take this time to realise all the great things you've accomplished in life.

( paintings-art.com)

Whenever my life feels upside down (as my current state of mind) I'm forced to flood my thoughts with all the great things I've achieved in these two decades of my life...Whether it was designing a beauty display for an influential brand or simply buying my own sewing machine... Just flipping through those thoughts makes me feel better about life.

(The temptation of St- Anthony
artgallery2000.com )

I grew up in a Baptist Christian family and knowing that we've all been given a living soul feeds my faith with hope that in end nothing matters if you've done everything with love. I would be shamefully lying to myself if I tell you that I feel at my best in life... Frankly I currently feel like I'm dragging a lame life but nevertheless I'm greatly thankful for having the best family. Their unconditional love and support is what keeps me rolling! Getting myself back on track and oiling my gears to a new cycle in life is all I'm trying to prep for! I rather see this "end of world" event as the rise of a new start.

So whether this planet will come to an end or not...simply think that you've accomplished A LOT simply by taking a breath... Life is an unexplainable journey and sometimes we try being our own gods rather than letting life take its course.

(I shared some images of Salvador Dali's painting because his art is a beautiful chaos where the main focal point relies in the small details ... such as life itself)