Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial: Eye liner

Naked eye

Start by drawing a line that goes from thinner to thicker as it touches the end of your eye

Draw a second line starting from the end of the first line towards out and aiming to the tip of your eyebrow

Join both lines (almost like a triangle)

Fill in the gap and even it out

Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara

use a flat natural brush to apply black eye shadow at the bottom

Apply some mascara on your bottom lashes

Apply a bit of brown or dark eye shadow on the ridge to create some depth and smooth it off with a blending brush

Step by Step Eye Makeup Tutorial!

An easy way to have perfect and simple cat eyes!


Eyeliner: Mayebelline Eye master
Black eye shadow: MAC
Brown eye shadow: MAC (espresso shade)
Mascara: Plush Maybelline

I hope you liked it!!!



  1. MAC and Maybelline are the only two brands of makeup I use. Love them. I've always like the simple cat eye but it doesn't look very nice on me, it kind of makes my eyes look smaller. So instead, I put liner inside my lower lid (not sure if that's bad or not), and mascara on my top lashes. Somehow that makes my eyes pop. The cat eye looks awesome on you though!

    Love, Moon
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  2. Definitely we have to follow these entire steps to get perfect eyeliner.

    Elle18 Kajal


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