Look of the Day: Dark Winter

Winter has been heavy on me...I'm always home watching TV, flipping through a vogue or sitting on this hard chair writing up posts and editing pictures. This season is making me feel like an old granny sipping on tea while hanging around the house with a blanket on her shoulders...
Whenever I'm not working (like at my paying job) I sleep, eat and dream to fly to my country for a deserved beach massage!

I genuinely hate winter because it makes me feel like a hermit in my basement...
Putting aside my hatred towards winter I've been thinking A LOT on my plans for this year... Working at  seriously pushes me to conquer my dreams... I need to start saving every penny for my future but as you all know this is hard duty for a shopper of my caliber...

However I will DO my best!!! I'm slowly starting to feel the weight of my years (even if I'm just 22) living on a "standby" lifestyle is not easy and seeing the days go by creates a tremendous stress... But I have to keep my hopes high and keep having faith on my talent!

For this quick photo shoot at the old port with my cold and selfish friend Will... I wore some dark clothes with a fitted black blazer from Mango and my dad's vintage Italian hat...I felt like an inspector :)


photographer: Will Nguyen

enjoy your freezing weekend!