My beauty sleep routine (skincare)

I really felt the need to share my TOP skin secrets with all of you! I hate to sound conceded or over confident but I must admit I get a lot of compliments on my skin. Apparently, it looks pore less and smooth.... When I was a teenager I never took care of my skin but now I cannot go to bed with makeup on!
The products that I'm about to mention truly work! (I'm not getting sponsored for this! so trust me!)

I start by washing my face with Aveeno positively radiant cleanser. This product is magical! It has a moisturizer so it doesn't dry out your skin and it really helps to maintain an even color and glow!

Once or twice a week I use this lavender base exfoliator from Lush cosmetics. It leaves my skin baby smooth and it relaxes me as well! (best of both worlds). Every night after I wash my face I tone my skin with this spray called "Bouffee d'air frais" from Lush made with sea salt!

Now to end my cleansing routine, I apply a vitamin C serum by Henriksen! It's a bit expensive but worth every penny! It really helps for color (especially now with winter!) you wake up with a firmer skin! Even if I'm only 22 years old, I have to start taking care of my skin!

Now these are SOME of my secrets... I have more under my sleeve but I'll tell you later in my next post :)