Solo on Valentine's day

Years go by and my little heart never belongs to anyone on Valentine's day. I somehow "unintentionally" plan not to have a boyfriend on such a wonderful occasion.... pfff... I haven't grasp the idea around this so called "friendship & love" day. When I was in high school, I always hoped to get a teddy bear or a box of chocolates... I guess my teenage heart was still innocent and unexposed to the threats of real dating. Nowadays, I simply don't care. I've realised that love will never have a price tag and the biggest act of love can only be shown by your actions.

This week has been quite odd... I've had a few insignificant and unexpected events ,...I recently started to read this book called "Why men love bitches". Honestly WTF? Please do yourself a favor and not even waste your time opening this book! It basically, goes on an infinite tangent about how we (girls) should be upfront, cold hearted and carry a poker face on our dates... 95% of its content is common sense! (the rest is crap) Everything in this book can be summarized in a paragraph... no need to waste trees for this cliche dating guide.
I don't think there is a specific recipe or tutorial to follow for a "successful" relationship or dating journey... After 2 years of being single, I've learned a lot about never driving to a guy's place, never paying on your first date and ignoring their texts every now and then! (I've had my dose of unsuccessful dates) My biggest mistake is to have the tendency to over care about guys... (people in general). I care about their well being, even if I'm not into them it's in my nature to care for others. It's a bad habit of mine which sometimes is misinterpreted and gives me the "needy girl" label...

Anyways, enough of my unrefined love life! Simply love your family and those that  TRULY care about you... those do not include the one night stand boys. Don't let yourself get trapped with those guys, even when you're in need of some male attention or affection...It's in our human nature to feel wanted but you've got to put yourself first. Don't plan your life around another person... if the person doesn't like you, "oh well too bad, so sad.. it's their loss". Never lose the rhythm of your life for a guy, keep doing the things you like, do yoga, sketch, dance, see your girlfriends... don't plan your schedule around his... and I know it's hard, but don't play hard to get, simply keep living your life without that constant anxiety of "maybe he will call me or text me". Be selfish :)

You're worth much more than a "friends with benefit" status... Seriously, my dear let's be ladies and let the boys do their homework! They must work for the cookie ;)

As for tonight (after work) I'll watch sex and the city with a bowl of  Dulce de Leche ice cream , my blanket and I'm set for my solo Valentine's night :). (I'm such a girl!)