Artist: Ivy Rotchin

 Showcasing pieces with bold fashion statements, colorful compositions and impressive line illustrations are part of the creations that Ivy Rotchin expresses in her art. Exposing the delicacy of a woman's face lines with fashion's powerful edgy features; simultaneously combining countless colors with different textures, strokes and shades. This talented Montrealer, is continuously seeking new horizons for inspiration and some her main sources derive from magazines, photo shoots, runways and numerous galleries. Ivy is actively involved in Montreal's fashion scene and her intense passion for human's beauty and fashion is vividly expressed in her artwork. Some her artwork has been in various exhibitions around Montreal and some her work has been featured in renown fashion sites such as Vogue Italia.

Here are some of my personal favorite pieces from Ivy Rotchin's pieces. *

While viewing some of her pieces, I instantly felt drawn to them and I simply felt the duty to feature her in my blog. Last year at fashion week, while searching for some eye catching street style , I luckily caught Ivy's outfit and I could sense a great energy from her. Her charisma and enthusiast to know more about my blog, gave me a great vibe! I'm truly fascinated by her art and even more glad to see that Montreal has a couple of art gems under the sleeve.

All images belong to Ivy Rotchin*