Fashion Blog Photography Tips

Many people wonder "how the hell" bloggers take pictures...Well here are some options that most bloggers will consider in their photography choices.

I also hope that this post will be helpful for those bloggers that are initiating in the social media chaos and are questioning themselves on which option to take... By all means you must consider your current situation in therms of what kind of blog do you have and how much are you willing to invest... Some of these factors might also be variable depending on contacts and luck...


Most starting bloggers will opt for the tripod and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this option. However, it can be tricky and sometimes slightly embarrassing. Personally, I've been using the tripod since the very beginning and at times you feel like a crazy person running back and forth to check if your 10 second snap has been "the shot" you were hoping for. It's not easy to use a tripod on the outdoors because it's hard to focus and adjust the lighting on your own... it's honestly an amazing option for indoors and even better if you have a grey or white backdrop! Tripods are also very useful for the "shy bloggers" (those that are not fully comfortable with photographers). Nowadays, there are many types of tripods in the market that are tailored for your needs and budget.


At times when I get frustrated from using my tripod, I've asked my sister, friends even my dad to take pictures of me. It's really hard to find someone that is non professional to have the patience and that is detail oriented to take nice shots. I've realised that some popular fashion bloggers have boyfriends... that take their pictures... I'm unsure if they're professional photographers but so far they've done an amazing job! A great example of this is renown Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad with her current boyfriend named Riccardo Pozzoli (above image). To tell you the truth I'm tremendously jealous of this girl for having a gorgeous photographer boyfriend with her at all times! Chiara's situation is quite exceptional but it would be the best according to me ;)

Photography Students/Amateur

Personally, I never had a photography student take pictures of me but last summer I had a photography passionate that was helping me out. It's never easy to find "the right" person because you are clueless to how skilled they are and you cannot be demanding because they are either unpaid or working for a low pay. I hate having people working for free because I know the feeling of it, however it's hard to put a price on pictures that are not "professional work". Then again, there are many photographers in Montreal that call themselves professional but have low knowledge on photoshop and are asking for 500$ for 6 pictures... It's honestly very hard to find a genuine photographer that is both skilled and professional. Bloggers can always do requests on craiglist or even facebook for occasional photography students that are interested in having a free model for their portfolio but like I said it's hard to find someone that is up for the task!

Fashion Photographer

The ideal would be to have a fashion photographer taking your pictures but then again we would have to question our contacts and our budget if necessary... Many popular fashion bloggers have become friends with renown photographers that are actually looking forward to snap a picture of them... But that is not the case for everyone... As mentioned previously many times by me that finding the right photographer is almost as hard as finding your future spouse. Not only you have to find a photographer but you also have to look for someone that is fashion oriented. Photographers like Bill Cunningham, Richard Evadon have path the way for the new photographers such as Terry Richardson or Scott Schuman (not that they are inexperienced) but as fashion changes, photography is evolving as well. Fashion photographers will master any outfit and will cut your head in a snap if it's necessary to capture the essence of that fabulous necklace.... I believe it would be any blogger's dream to have a fashion photographer at their disposal.



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