Look of the day: Spring time!

Spring is finally here! After a crazy and random snowstorm, we are done with this winter nightmare! I can now take pictures outside without freezing my butt! Although, I've shown this jacket in a previous post I really wanted to take it outside for the first time! I also wanted to show off my sweet and beautiful boots from Minelli! I'm truly in love with this brand, because it only carries shoes that are made in Italy, Portugal and Brazil (my dream come true!) I could have probably bought a similar style at a cheaper store but for a few dollars more I have a pair that is real leather and unique. Minelli carries well made shoes in a small selection of sizes (aka very few people in Montreal will wear the shoes you have!)

I must admit that I've been cheating on my "no shopping" lifestyle... I just can't help myself! This month I've bought two pairs of shoes... and that is enough until summer... I REALLY have to start saving if I ever want to pursue my dream! These past few days my life has been up and down (the usual) but I'm starting to feel the pressure to challenge myself more in design... Sometimes I feel so lame to not be in school and to be working in an unrelated career job... However, I'm working and saving some money for my future plans.
Right now all I want is to keep searching and updating my portfolio!!!