Shoe Orgasm (pt.1)

Don't you love the color!!! Last week I helped check off my sister's "shoe shopping" task on her to do list (yes, shoes are part of our schedule). With time my sister and I have become extremely selective and analytical in everything regarding our shoes. We will take in consideration materials, design, manufacturer and even exclusivity in our shoe criteria.

I've decided to start a new series called "SHOE ORGASM"! I find there is something very magical about shoes that give you an indescribable feeling when you first wear your favorite pair (or brand new ones). It's a feeling quite similar to an orgasm... without the moans and screams of course but it's an unexplainable sensation. My addiction to shoes and continuous hunger for them is far from being similar to my sexual life... I would like to focus more on that supreme joy of wearing new shoes. The power that a pair can bring to your day to day boost and the level of happiness they can bring to your life. Shoes are mystical and can transform your gloomy day to a pumped up and sexy cocktail night out. As for this first post just enjoy my coveteur inspired pictures taken with my new camera :)
shoes (Geox- Italy patent)



  1. Hi Nelly, it's Julie! We met earlier today. :)

    I love the mix of gold and pink. These shoes are such an awesome statement. Where do you plan on wearing them? You should name the series "Shoe-gasm"; it sounds cool.

    Love, Moon
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  2. I loved the color and design.SHOE ORGASM? Wow!! I liked your feelings about new shoes. Above pics describe how selective you are while buying shoes.


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