Swims / Palladium fall 2013 presentation

Underneath SWIMS loafers

This week I was cordially invited to attend the private presentation of two great shoe brands, one of them being Swims. This Norwegian brand is renown for redesigning the traditional galosh by combining innovation with style. Swims has properly applied the design methodology of "form follows function" with their lightweight, versatile and water resistant footwear. They offer a wide range of styles with classic and vibrant colors to fit everyone's character. Throughout the presentation, I was truly fascinated by the quality and the seamless structure of their shoes. Part of this collection has been fully designed by Catherine Meuter, former designer at Giorgio Armani. She has kept the simplicity of their classic galosh and has extended their style to an actual shoe line. Swims is a playful yet functional and very Scandinavian style! I also took a picture of their 48 HRS BAG, which I think would be very handy for those casual escapes to New York City!

Baggy Winter Collection

Embossed Back logo

Kid's selection (so cute!)

I also assisted to Palladium's presentations which left me very impressed with the level of quality and thought that has been put into these shoes! Palladium was founded in 1920 as an aircraft tires company, their specialty was to manufacture durable rubber tires. However, when the second World War was over they were left out of business and in 1949 they began to produce boots that were heavy duty with a distinguished rubber pattern underneath which became their style's emblem . This French company has establish itself as one of the most durable and functional footwear within the shoe industry. Palladium caters both to the rustic worldwide explorer and to the urban  day to day commuter. Their shoes are fully designed in California, combining  engineered materials with functional shoe structures. Overall, they offer a wide range of styles at an affordable price!