A Lush Life

I'm officially living a LUSH-IOUS life!!! For the longest time, I thought that Lush was simply another handmade soap store. Last summer, I fell in love with lavender for its relax property and in my search for products with this magical stress reliever, I was brought to Lush! I then became fascinated by their large selection of products and ever since my life with Lush has grown exponentially.

Throughout this year, I've slowly learned more about Lush and I truly admire the work behind their products. As you purchase their products, you witness the love and dedication that goes into each and one of their products. I've never been disappointed and I don't think there is a price for products made with passion. Lush not only cares about offering its customers a healthy and beautiful skin but also about causes that need to be heard.

I'm tremendously grateful to have been able to collaborate with Lush and give you guys my inside scoop on some of their products!

I was dying to try this 9 to 5 cleansing lotion because, one thing I'm obsessed with is a clean face! If you're tired after a long day at work, if you're in a hurry or feeling lazy to wash your face this lotion will be your best friend. I've been using it after I wash my face because it removes any makeup leftover and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Unlike other cleansing lotions it doesn't leave a sticky feeling and it has delicate orchid almond scent.

I've recently realized that I have a serious condition of dark under eyes and covering them with a good concealer is annoying. When I saw that Lush had an eye cream, I knew I had to try it! Simply gently applying the cream is relaxing and it's effective both day and night. Fortified with cold pressed jojoba oil, lavender and honey, this eye cream will seriously help you reduce those dark circles! I personally, use it at night because I don't like mixing too many creams with makeup.

I've never been fond of those sprays that set your makeup because I hate getting my face wet after my makeup is done especially if it's not to clean it! However, this translucent face powder will set your makeup and I've also noticed it helps to reduce the oiliness on your skin. It's lightweight and it won't add color or change your makeup foundation. Just use a brush and dab a little bit on your nose and cheeks. This little container will certainly last you a very long time!

So far, I had only tried lotions, soaps, scrubs, facial masks but never makeup from Lush! I'm sentimentally attached to my current makeup but I'm willing to try something new. To initiate into Lush makeup I've decided to start with their "feeling young" skin tint, I was very curious to see the effect on my skin. And again I wasn't disappointed !!! It doesn't glitter, it simply adds a natural shimmering effect, catching the light at the perfect angle to enhance your features. This cream works perfectly in the summer because it acts as a blush or bronzer and blends smoothly on your skin. Made with some of the best oils such as jojoba, almond  blended with soothing oatmeal and orange flower water to nourrish your skin. This cream is a MUST for this summer!

This scrub is brilliant! It has everything you need to keep your skin clean and spotless (literally)! It leaves a fresh sensation on your skin with a vigorous scent of ocean. A perfect combination of sea salt, vodka and lime to exfoliate your skin. No jokes, but it's the best scrub I've used so far! It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. Please take note to avoid your eyes while using it on the face and keep your mouth closed. Also don't use if you have cuts because it will hurt! Use it two or three times a week. It has become my ultimate favorite body and facial scrub.

Here are some other products I use... I forgot my facial mask called ayesha, my occasional french kiss bubble bath, and some bath bombs!
Lush is a brand that is worthy to be supported and now my dear readers don't be shy and let yourself get pampered and feel deLUSH-cious with Lush :)