Look Book: Carlo

Sometimes going back to your original ideas is the best thing to do! That is why I've decided to seriously snap pictures of stylish people in my surroundings. Unlike street style ( in which you approach complete strangers), look book has been planned ahead of time with acquaintances or friends. To restart my look book archive I asked my dear friend Carlo to initiate this project. Carlo, is a friend I met during college and we've been in touch ever since. He's a very relax, honest and down to earth type of guy. It's rare to meet straight guys that are detail oriented in fashion and have a versatile style without looking like a metro. He can be fresh with kicks but easily wears a sleek and sexy black suit. For this photo shoot I didn't even ask him what to wear because I trust his taste and I wanted his style to be reflected in these pictures. I just realized this is actually the first time I have a photo shoot of a guy in my blog! I usually share fashion for girls but many times I've been asked by my my guys friends "how come don't you talk about men fashion?" Well here you go guys! I'm not an expert at men fashion and that is why I rather not mess in that business... However, I think men fashion should always be clean, fresh and fun. My number one rule is to never be afraid of trying new things! Take the great example of my friend Carlo and simply let your mood guide your style.

Thank you Carlo for this amazing photo shoot :)