Look of the day: Floral White Pants

Today was an unusual day.. Waking up to the news that my lovebird of 8 years had died was truly sad. I've lived most of my life with lovebirds and it's weird for me to have a silent house. Some people love dogs (I also love dogs) but I adore birds. They are smart, noisy and have beautiful colors, as small as they may seem they have a lot of character. Birds bring life to any house with their chant and curiosity. I've had many love birds in my life, I've fed babies and seen take their first flight. However, she was the last one I had and I'm going to miss her a lot. Seeing her eyes spying on me and watching me all the time, screaming to me to get some attention. I already miss her and it will be hard to find another loving bird.

I also enjoyed the beautiful weather and went out for some ice cream with my daddy and sister!!! I love ice cream, I think it's the best gourmet invention! Ice cream makes you feel better when you're down and upset (trust me). A lot of things have been going on in my life, work wise and personal events that are pushing me even more to go for what I really want. I can't drag this "lame" life state any longer, I'm saving money for my dream but I hate double faced people and I have to cut those that are selfish because in the end nobody cares about your well being. Look after yourself and rely on your family and faith.