Vogue Japan & Accessories

A good friend of mine went to Japan for his vacations and he brought me back the best gift of all! A lovely Vogue Japan, I had always been searching for one in Montreal but never had luck :( ...I'm like a kid with a new toy, although I can't read Japanese I enjoy flipping through the magazine and attentively seeing every single page. I think fashion is a universal language that does need words to speak for itself. The textures, colors, patterns, cuts and shapes simply tell me a story of a designer's passion for this industry. I'm tremendously happy to now add Vogue Japan to my wide Vogue collection which includes (Mexico, Spain, Paris, USA and Italia) next ones in the list : Australia, India and Brazil. Vogues are the only magazines that are scared to me, and I never cut anything especially for the collection editions. I also wanted to take better pictures of my two favorite necklaces, both from Zara. These will be very useful for this summer!