Jun 30, 2013

Look of the day: HER MESS t-shirt

No it's not a HOMIE t-shirt but a HER-MESS tee... I felt like creating one of my own and I thought that "her mess" matched better the actual HERMÉS logo. I also wanted to add Montreal in the design and give the visual a bit more of a feminine touch. I usually don't like to imitate brands or logo but I thought that this concept was creative, fun and local to our city. As many of you may know already one of my biggest dream is to study abroad (NYC) in shoe & accessory design. I've been working to save money but I've been also trying to find another way of putting some cash aside...On top of all I've been working on my portfolio and continuously trying to get my foot in a fashion company. However working in fashion in Montreal is not easy if you don't have a college Lasalle degree.. (even with design experience)

So I decided to create this t-shirt that is an authentic design of mine and sale it to those that would like to contribute to my future :)
I will look more into different colors, a better fabric quality and find a local print screening business. So stay tuned!!! But if you're interested please let me know because I really need your feedback in this project! I can't invest into hundreds of t-shirts and no one ends up buying...





Jun 23, 2013

High Fashion illustration

Everyone that knows me, knows about my deep passion for sketching. It's simply one of those things that I could never get tired of doing. Whenever I feel down or gloomy I take my markers and start sketching until my hands are sore. I sometimes call myself a granny because I spend a lot of my free time at home sketching and lettings my idea take shape on paper.For this time I felt like showing you guys a few of my sketches that reflect some of my favorite picks for this summer. I dream while sketching and I let my hand flow with my imagination. These are some items I wish I could have :) From Chanel sandals to a crazy pineapple Moschino purse!

*please take note that all of these sketches are property of Fashionaccro if you wish to use them please contact me


Jun 19, 2013

DIY: Statement Necklace

A very simple DIY! It takes about 40 minutes in total... You have to be gentle and also be careful so the end result is much better! I used regular nail polish, I actually did not use the clear top coat. VOILA Folks!

A very easy way to jazz up your boring necklace... I wanted to add color to mine because I felt like a gangster... My sister said this necklace was starting to look like a necklace for Paris Hilton's chihuahua... (we like to make fun of each other :)

Anyways go get a cheap necklace at Forever 21 and make it your own! No one will have one exactly as yours!


Jun 16, 2013

Look of the Day: Tiger in me

I was so excited for this outfit post because I love with this tiger sweater! Even if it's slowly getting warmer outside, let's be realistic this is Canada and we have cold summer nights. I found this precious sweater in the agonizing Editorial warehouse sale but it was all worth it :) I was amazed at seeing how we (girls) surpass our physical limits for fashion, as for myself I can say I'm a fashion victim. I pledge guilty for adoring shoes!

I love the asymmetrical effect of this sweater, it's simply gorgeous! I was also excited to wear my "head necklace" from BCBG. I combined both of these beauties with my comfy boyfriend jeans from Zara and completed everything with my metallic pointy shoes!!!



Jun 13, 2013

Editorial Warehouse Sale

After 4 hours of waiting in line, 1.5 hrs or waiting in line to pay I finally came out with two pairs of shoes and one top! This has been the longest and most agonizing warehouse sale I've attended... I was first introduced to Editorial Boutique by my dearest cousin. Back then, not a lot of people knew about this fashion haven in downtown Montreal. However it quickly became a fashion spot for many hipsters and fashion blogger fanatics. This popularity also forced them to implement a more "efficient security" system in their store. This small store is now full of cameras, with lockers to place your belongings while you try on clothes and a security guard at the door.. I personally think it's a bit too extreme...

I was quite disappointed by the organization in this warehouse sale... They need at least a person to be telling people an estimate time of how long they will have to wait, install fans in the lobby and the warehouse room. I actually felt a lot of pity for the employees... poor girls having to work under these poor conditions. I'm fully aware that this was the first day of their first warehouse sale but I truly think they should be much more organized for future sales. I feel they have received tremendous support from local fashionistas and  should appreciate much more their clients. It was very painful to see people go in before me (waiting 4 hours) just because they are friends with the manager... very unprofessional... I mean if you will do that might as well have a friends and family event!

I'm clueless to how I still have some energy left to be writing this post but I felt the need to share my thoughts on this sale! Aside the sweaty and hungry hours I spent waiting in line...I must say I'm quite happy with my purchases, I mean two pair of shoes (including jeffrey campbell) cost me under 50$ AMAZIIING!!! I'm actually tempted to go back tomorrow (very early) and drive there! By the end of the line my brain was literally dead but surprisingly everyone started to have compassion for each other and we all shared our pain! I started to talk to the girl by my side waiting in line... I went there on my own so I needed someone to look after my spot while I bought something to nibble. (I also asked her if she wanted something) There was also a ton of girls with great outfits for street styles but I was so dead I had no energy to be snapping pictures...

Anyways I'm going to bed before I pass out :) I'm also grateful to have THE greatest parents EVA!!! They picked me up before I died...



Jun 12, 2013

shoe-gasm (pt2)

Minelli (made in Portugal)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
made in Italy

Minelli (made in Italy)

Say hello to SOME of the shoes I own :) I don't have THAT many... I wish I had a bigger wallet to buy more!!! Shoes are my true passion and whoever says they are not a reflection of your mood... are simply unfashionable. They are an extension of your character and are THE most important part of an outfit. Some days I feel like rocking stilettos but other days I feel dreadfully lazy and wear my worn out converse. A lot of people get shocked when I tell them the price of my shoes but what can I say they are my sin!

I'm a big spender on shoes but not so much on clothes... I surprisingly save a lot of my money for shoes and not so much for clothes. I think that once you have the basic items in your wardrobe there is no need to be spending  50$ for a t-shirt... I rather spend 200$ on one pair of shoes than 200$ on a hundred tops, skirts and pants at Forever 21. I obviously buy some clothes every now and then but I wait for specials! I don't see the need of overspending on clothes that are poorly manufactured and that will be worn by the majority of girls in Montreal. Instead of wearing sandals that every girl is walking down st-Catherine with, I will spend a bit more on a pair that everyone will stare at and wonder "where the hell did she get those?"

I've called these series "shoe-gasm" because I think that once you've found a pair that is unique you feel like you've reached a nirvana state of mind! (that's how I feel..) that is my personal goal when I shop for shoes and this should also be yours! Stop spending on poorly made shoes that will simply make your feet stinky, give you blisters and that everyone else has! If you're going to suffer painful walks it better be worth for shoes that are unique (aka no one else has!) Start shopping as a shoe collector and not as a "ohhh they are only 40$" ( btw there is a reason they are only worth that!) start shopping smartly!


Jun 9, 2013



I'm truly happy to have been able to collaborate with Lush again! I'm always amazed at trying new products and these are honestly outstanding ones to have during summer. Lush takes care of your body from head to toe :) I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!!!