Editorial Warehouse Sale

After 4 hours of waiting in line, 1.5 hrs or waiting in line to pay I finally came out with two pairs of shoes and one top! This has been the longest and most agonizing warehouse sale I've attended... I was first introduced to Editorial Boutique by my dearest cousin. Back then, not a lot of people knew about this fashion haven in downtown Montreal. However it quickly became a fashion spot for many hipsters and fashion blogger fanatics. This popularity also forced them to implement a more "efficient security" system in their store. This small store is now full of cameras, with lockers to place your belongings while you try on clothes and a security guard at the door.. I personally think it's a bit too extreme...

I was quite disappointed by the organization in this warehouse sale... They need at least a person to be telling people an estimate time of how long they will have to wait, install fans in the lobby and the warehouse room. I actually felt a lot of pity for the employees... poor girls having to work under these poor conditions. I'm fully aware that this was the first day of their first warehouse sale but I truly think they should be much more organized for future sales. I feel they have received tremendous support from local fashionistas and  should appreciate much more their clients. It was very painful to see people go in before me (waiting 4 hours) just because they are friends with the manager... very unprofessional... I mean if you will do that might as well have a friends and family event!

I'm clueless to how I still have some energy left to be writing this post but I felt the need to share my thoughts on this sale! Aside the sweaty and hungry hours I spent waiting in line...I must say I'm quite happy with my purchases, I mean two pair of shoes (including jeffrey campbell) cost me under 50$ AMAZIIING!!! I'm actually tempted to go back tomorrow (very early) and drive there! By the end of the line my brain was literally dead but surprisingly everyone started to have compassion for each other and we all shared our pain! I started to talk to the girl by my side waiting in line... I went there on my own so I needed someone to look after my spot while I bought something to nibble. (I also asked her if she wanted something) There was also a ton of girls with great outfits for street styles but I was so dead I had no energy to be snapping pictures...

Anyways I'm going to bed before I pass out :) I'm also grateful to have THE greatest parents EVA!!! They picked me up before I died...




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