High Fashion illustration

Everyone that knows me, knows about my deep passion for sketching. It's simply one of those things that I could never get tired of doing. Whenever I feel down or gloomy I take my markers and start sketching until my hands are sore. I sometimes call myself a granny because I spend a lot of my free time at home sketching and lettings my idea take shape on paper.For this time I felt like showing you guys a few of my sketches that reflect some of my favorite picks for this summer. I dream while sketching and I let my hand flow with my imagination. These are some items I wish I could have :) From Chanel sandals to a crazy pineapple Moschino purse!

*please take note that all of these sketches are property of Fashionaccro if you wish to use them please contact me



  1. Nelly I love these! Your sketches are great and the Dior and Chanel sandals are my favourite. I want them!



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