shoe-gasm (pt2)

Minelli (made in Portugal)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
made in Italy

Minelli (made in Italy)

Say hello to SOME of the shoes I own :) I don't have THAT many... I wish I had a bigger wallet to buy more!!! Shoes are my true passion and whoever says they are not a reflection of your mood... are simply unfashionable. They are an extension of your character and are THE most important part of an outfit. Some days I feel like rocking stilettos but other days I feel dreadfully lazy and wear my worn out converse. A lot of people get shocked when I tell them the price of my shoes but what can I say they are my sin!

I'm a big spender on shoes but not so much on clothes... I surprisingly save a lot of my money for shoes and not so much for clothes. I think that once you have the basic items in your wardrobe there is no need to be spending  50$ for a t-shirt... I rather spend 200$ on one pair of shoes than 200$ on a hundred tops, skirts and pants at Forever 21. I obviously buy some clothes every now and then but I wait for specials! I don't see the need of overspending on clothes that are poorly manufactured and that will be worn by the majority of girls in Montreal. Instead of wearing sandals that every girl is walking down st-Catherine with, I will spend a bit more on a pair that everyone will stare at and wonder "where the hell did she get those?"

I've called these series "shoe-gasm" because I think that once you've found a pair that is unique you feel like you've reached a nirvana state of mind! (that's how I feel..) that is my personal goal when I shop for shoes and this should also be yours! Stop spending on poorly made shoes that will simply make your feet stinky, give you blisters and that everyone else has! If you're going to suffer painful walks it better be worth for shoes that are unique (aka no one else has!) Start shopping as a shoe collector and not as a "ohhh they are only 40$" ( btw there is a reason they are only worth that!) start shopping smartly!



  1. i see you went with "shoe-gasm". sounds very cool.

    Love, Moon
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