Asian Skincare Products

After watching so many YouTube makeup tutorials from Michelle Phan, I looked more into Asian collagen masks and after asking on Facebook (where to buy), I finally found a place in Montreal to buy them!!! My sister says I'm a freak for getting collagen masks when I don't even have wrinkles.... But I rather start nurturing my skin now, then to wait until I'm 50 full of wrinkles and opting for botox... no thanks!

So this past weekend I went to C&C, a Korean cosmetic boutique located in downtown Montreal. This store had everything I was looking for, from masks to double eyelid stickers! 
For those who don't know what double eyelid stickers, they basically help to fix your eyelid... it's a bit hard to explain without a visual... but I will show you all how to use them later on.

As for my collagen masks and eyelid patches, I'm truly loving them! You look like a serial killer from a horror movie but it's worth it! Your skin is fresh, clean and your cells will thank you :)



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