Fear of Aging

Last week after shopping at Sephora it truly hit me that my birthday was coming up... I just couldn't realize that an entire year had passed by!

I tend to get a bit nostalgic when it's my birthday because it brings back so many childhood memories and it also makes me over think about my grey future. This was the first ring my father gave me and it's been on that finger ever since.

I titled this post "fear of aging" not because I'm scared of wrinkles or anything along those lines but more because I feel the pressure of growing. This year has been very unusual for me because my life tends to have a crazy rhythm... school, work or even both and ever since high school my life has revolved around design. However, this year I truly took a break from everything and I've been simply working (not in design). It's been tough sometimes not feeling like I'm fulfilling the young adult social profile, enrolled in university or working in my field... But I think my life needed this break.

Everyone keeps telling me that my time will come and that I'm still very young... I fear of aging and not being where I dream to be. I hate feeling comfortable and I guess this year I need to push harder in putting money towards my future.  

This is my mami and me for my one big year of life :)

My parents have kept my first pair of shoes !!!
I know that growing is inevitable but I guess not being sure of how your future will be scares me...
It's been a year that I've let my life flow without having a degree or job restriction just saving and inspiring myself. Thanks to those that read my blog :)