Aug 13, 2013

Look of the day: Gossip Night

Last Friday it was my cousin’s birthday party and the theme of the night was GOSSIP GIRL... I really had no idea what to wear and last minute I pulled out this outfit. I finally wore my head piece from BCBG and my shiny pair of shorts from 1861 boutique. To top off my look, I wore my high wedges from Minelli, I love those shoes because they are so comfy and sexy!


Aug 3, 2013

FDM: Barila and Street Style Shoes

After an exhausting week at work I finally attended Montreal’s fashion and design festival. I really like the concept behind this festival because it’s opened to the public and people get a taste of Montreal’s fashion community. The one thing I enjoy the most of this festival is street style hunting and in between watching some fashion shows.

Today I saw some pieces of Barila’s collection and I was truly impressed. I loved the freshness and simplicity of every outfit. I appreciate whenever a designer creates pieces that can go from runway to street wear. I’m just in love with those bird shorts and those one suit pieces!!! Seeing the models walk the runway to that tropical soundtrack with those outfits, it made me want to buy them all and fly to Mexico!

As for street style I opted for a shoe street style hunt J I love shoes and sometimes my friends make fun of me because I often look down when I walk but that is because I’m always looking at people’s shoes or my own actually... (Especially if they are new!)

I found some cool shoes and it was a bit funny to see people’s reaction when I would tell them I would only take pictures of their shoes... Anyways keep wearing nice shoes Montreal because I might snap them!


Aug 2, 2013

Health: Vitamin C for Skin

For decades we've been told that vitamin C is good to fight colds but have we ever thought about the benefits this natural gem has for our skin? Eating foods that contain vitamin C are beneficial for your skin but topical application is 20X more efficient!

Up to a year ago I didn't know my skin would soon stop producing collagen (firmness, elasticity) which with time would mean early signs of aging (wrinkles). Vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen but with age skin loses vitamins and nutrients. After learning all of this, I quickly knew that Vitamin C needed to be implemented in my facial cleansing routine. Through my sister I also learned that Vitamin C is great at skin repair, especially if you've battled with acne.

These are the two products I've been using to keep my skin replenished with this amazing vitamin.
I prefer serums over moisturizer because they are not heavy and dry very quickly. I've recently started to use this Vitamin C toner from the Body Shop, it's less expensive but also a bit less concentrated than a serum.

Serums can be a bit pricey but they last quite long because you use very little. Besides oranges there is CAMU which amazing... look for that ingredient in vitamin C products.