Health: Vitamin C for Skin

For decades we've been told that vitamin C is good to fight colds but have we ever thought about the benefits this natural gem has for our skin? Eating foods that contain vitamin C are beneficial for your skin but topical application is 20X more efficient!

Up to a year ago I didn't know my skin would soon stop producing collagen (firmness, elasticity) which with time would mean early signs of aging (wrinkles). Vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen but with age skin loses vitamins and nutrients. After learning all of this, I quickly knew that Vitamin C needed to be implemented in my facial cleansing routine. Through my sister I also learned that Vitamin C is great at skin repair, especially if you've battled with acne.

These are the two products I've been using to keep my skin replenished with this amazing vitamin.
I prefer serums over moisturizer because they are not heavy and dry very quickly. I've recently started to use this Vitamin C toner from the Body Shop, it's less expensive but also a bit less concentrated than a serum.

Serums can be a bit pricey but they last quite long because you use very little. Besides oranges there is CAMU which amazing... look for that ingredient in vitamin C products.