Sep 30, 2013

Look of the Day: Philip Lim for Target

About a week ago Target opened its door to Montreal and as predicted people were in line for Philip Lim's collection. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there on time but thank goodness for a dear friend of mine from work that was able to snatch a purse for me! This purse is not entirely my style but it's slowly growing on me. I also wanted to show off my teal pointy shoes from Steve Madden that I got on Blecker street in New York! They are not quite comfortable but cute enough for the pain. I hope you're all enjoying this warm fall weather!

Pants: zara / sweater: forever 21 / purse: Philip lim for target / shoes: Steve Madden 


Sep 24, 2013

Faith Bracelet

This simple and one wired bracelet is the best purchase from my recent New York trip. I actually got it personalized and especially requested the artist to write “faith”. This word is very powerful for me and it’s a constant reminder to let things go and simply let everything in God’s hands. Day by day I’m trying to not worry so much about my future and have faith that everything will come into play when it’s time. I can’t control my surroundings; I can only keep working, seek for better opportunities and never stop sketching. Faith is something you should never lose!


Sep 19, 2013

Mulberry Bulldog Fashion Spring 2014

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pictures of Mulberry's Spring 2014 collection in London Fashion week. After my unfortunate experience with Gustav (My Old English Bulldog that I had to give away), I've been counting the days until another bulldog will come into my life.This breed has a won a special place in my heart; their rebellious character and need of attention reminds me of myself. The Bulldog's wide neck, broad shoulders and big belly makes it very difficult to find doggy wear that fits, so I give a big TWO THUMBS UP to Mulberry for creating these fashionable yet comfortable outfits for bulldog. This isn't the first time Mulberry presents dog wear on the runway and I'm happy they've chosen bulldog as their models! 

I can't wait to wear one of these matching outfits with my future Bulldog :)


Sep 18, 2013

My Kevin Murphy obsession

Kevin Murphy is currently my obsession when it comes to hair products. This product line is native to Australia and has been conquering the fashion world with their creative colour balls that give any type of hair the colour you wish instantly and remove it whenever. I personally love these products because they work well and your hair feels light and clean. I use to be obsessed with Moroccan oil but Kevin Murphy leaves your hair super light and the smell is not as heavy. Price wise it ranges along the same lines as Moroccan oil, but it will last a very long time, totally worth it! Here are my current day to day products!


Sep 15, 2013

Fashion illustration of lady gaga, lana del rey, cara delevingne, audrey hepburn

One thing I really enjoy is sketching eyes, because to me eyes are the window to your soul. Here are my sketches of some women that inspire me in fashion.

Sep 13, 2013

New York Fashion Week Street style 2013

New York is a magical city filled with heavy traffic, yellow cabs and a river of lavishing well dressed people (especially during fashion week). The Big Apple is North America’s fashion capital and twice a year fashionistas around the world gather to witness the start-up of fashion week season. Lincoln Centre is THE spot to be during fashion week (even if you don’t have access to actual shows) the entire area is full of; photographers, bloggers, models and fashion figures (basically amazing street style material).

New York feels like a second home, I do see myself living in this urban jungle. Montreal is a beautiful city but the fashion industry is going downhill...I did not attend Montreal’s fashion week but I heard it wasn’t quite fascinating or worth the time. Montrealers have good sense of fashion but sometimes I feel like they try hard to be fashionable. However, New Yorkers have this effortless fashion; they walk around looking fresh as if they didn’t take forever to figure out their outfit.

Here are some pictures I took during Fashion Week in New York.


Sep 11, 2013

Lush at Fashion Week NYC

I've been extremely busy with work and packing for New York (last week) that I forgot to publish this little article on some essentials I bring with me for Fashion week season. Running between shows and long days walking for street styles in high heels is not easy. Every day you must figure out what to wear and try to pack everything in a tiny purse! A snack, some extra flats and maybe some beauty essentials! Lush has some small products that you can definitely take them on the go. Here are my top 3!!!

1. Ultra balm 

This formula is very similar to Vaseline but it's not! This organic lotion is thick and will repair any dry hands very quickly. I sometimes use it on my legs or even feet when I'm on the go! It dries fairly fast and doesn't have bad odour.

2. Perspective Lipstick

This highly pigmented lipstick is long lasting and best thing of all is that it's cruelty free animal. I tend to use highly chemical makeup because I always fear that natural oriented makeup is not long lasting or very pigmented, however this lipstick has convinced me! I like this color because it's natural looking and it matches everything I wear!

3. Breath of God Solid perfume

I was very skeptical to use a solid perfume but after using breath of god I simply love it! The smoky hints make me feel refreshed even while being in the middle of urban jungle. It's so small it fits anywhere, and you don't need much for it to work! I like to apply it on my wrist and spread it on my neck.

I'm back home now and will soon be posting my pictures from New York! Stay tunned :)


Sep 2, 2013

Fashion Anorexia

Is fashion dictating our image? I remember a few years ago, anorexia was THE topic that was trending in every single talk show. Everyone had their finger on the skinny models on the runway, and blamed fashion for encouraging this eating disorder.

There are multiple factors that will push someone to such extremes of starving to death. People blame advertisements and fashion for portraying this unhealthy thin girl as the model image of a brand. However, why are people afraid of the outside world? Shouldn’t they be confident of the values they’ve given their girls?

It’s easy to target fashion as being one of the main promoters of anorexia but there are deeper rooted issues that can cause these types of disorders. I wanted to raise awareness on this topic because more than once I’ve been questioned if I’m anorexic. It appears that being skinny and in fashion is an equation to being anorexic. It’s never pleasant to be told that you look unhealthy, but more than that I feel pity for ignorance. Do these people truly know what anorexia is?

A lot of media focuses on fat people getting bullied but what about the skinny ones? I’ve been thin my entire life, I was simply given a fast metabolism and stress is a calorie burner. My thinness has always been questioned and it can be hurtful to be called something you’re not. Anorexia is a serious disorder that takes a lot of therapy and support to overcome.