Lush at Fashion Week NYC

I've been extremely busy with work and packing for New York (last week) that I forgot to publish this little article on some essentials I bring with me for Fashion week season. Running between shows and long days walking for street styles in high heels is not easy. Every day you must figure out what to wear and try to pack everything in a tiny purse! A snack, some extra flats and maybe some beauty essentials! Lush has some small products that you can definitely take them on the go. Here are my top 3!!!

1. Ultra balm 

This formula is very similar to Vaseline but it's not! This organic lotion is thick and will repair any dry hands very quickly. I sometimes use it on my legs or even feet when I'm on the go! It dries fairly fast and doesn't have bad odour.

2. Perspective Lipstick

This highly pigmented lipstick is long lasting and best thing of all is that it's cruelty free animal. I tend to use highly chemical makeup because I always fear that natural oriented makeup is not long lasting or very pigmented, however this lipstick has convinced me! I like this color because it's natural looking and it matches everything I wear!

3. Breath of God Solid perfume

I was very skeptical to use a solid perfume but after using breath of god I simply love it! The smoky hints make me feel refreshed even while being in the middle of urban jungle. It's so small it fits anywhere, and you don't need much for it to work! I like to apply it on my wrist and spread it on my neck.

I'm back home now and will soon be posting my pictures from New York! Stay tunned :)