Mulberry Bulldog Fashion Spring 2014

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pictures of Mulberry's Spring 2014 collection in London Fashion week. After my unfortunate experience with Gustav (My Old English Bulldog that I had to give away), I've been counting the days until another bulldog will come into my life.This breed has a won a special place in my heart; their rebellious character and need of attention reminds me of myself. The Bulldog's wide neck, broad shoulders and big belly makes it very difficult to find doggy wear that fits, so I give a big TWO THUMBS UP to Mulberry for creating these fashionable yet comfortable outfits for bulldog. This isn't the first time Mulberry presents dog wear on the runway and I'm happy they've chosen bulldog as their models! 

I can't wait to wear one of these matching outfits with my future Bulldog :)



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