New York Fashion Week Street style 2013

New York is a magical city filled with heavy traffic, yellow cabs and a river of lavishing well dressed people (especially during fashion week). The Big Apple is North America’s fashion capital and twice a year fashionistas around the world gather to witness the start-up of fashion week season. Lincoln Centre is THE spot to be during fashion week (even if you don’t have access to actual shows) the entire area is full of; photographers, bloggers, models and fashion figures (basically amazing street style material).

New York feels like a second home, I do see myself living in this urban jungle. Montreal is a beautiful city but the fashion industry is going downhill...I did not attend Montreal’s fashion week but I heard it wasn’t quite fascinating or worth the time. Montrealers have good sense of fashion but sometimes I feel like they try hard to be fashionable. However, New Yorkers have this effortless fashion; they walk around looking fresh as if they didn’t take forever to figure out their outfit.

Here are some pictures I took during Fashion Week in New York.



  1. Omg Nelly ! We think so much alike. Hope you had fun in NYC, love your shots, can't wait to get together ! xoxo



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