Oct 24, 2013

Kevin Murphy. Young Again Products

Kevin Murphy has great products for different types of hair. I have a normal to dry hair and I hate when products make my hair greasy or are overly fragranced. These products have a clean smell and the formulas are lightweight. All of these 3 products have made a significant change to my hair, it feels lighter and healthier. They are a pricier than regular drug store products but you will use less and you will notice a difference. A lot of people have asked me where they can buy these products, I personally discovered them at my salon, it's called Moxee coiffure and my hair stylist introduced to them. 

You can go online to their website and go to their "find us" tab to find any distributor closer to your location. 



Oct 22, 2013

Creatures of baaaaath (spooky Lush)

It's almost Halloween and besides dressing up and getting sugar overdosed you can also have a spooky bath! Here are three products you should definitely try during this season. 

Yes, this is in fact a pumpkin bubble bath bar but don't get confused because it's actual name is PUMKIN! This limited edition bubble bath bar celebrates Halloween with it's sweet orange aroma. Each bubble bar is carefully handmade and sweetly decorated with a licorice candy, vegan chocolate chips (eyes) and a sugar candy leaf! This bubble bath bar will literally turn your bath orange, but no worries you won't be coming out with an orange coloured skin. This earthy smell will relax you and clear your thoughts on what to wear for Halloween! 

Price : 5.95$ 

LORD OF MISRULE is one of the newest addition to the wide range of bubble bath bombs at Lush ( limited edition). This mysterious bath bomb was inspired by the pagan feasts of fools in which peasants were Lords for a day. This magical bath bomb contains flower petals and many other surprises! One of them being that it has popping candies that will fizz and crack in your bath :)  It also has a dark red centre that will be shown as it melts in the tub! For those that have never used a bath bomb, it's really to use. Simply fill your tub with warm water and gently drop the bomb in your tub and enjoy! 

Price: 5.95$ 

Last but not least, here is the ENCHANTER that will charm your body! This bath bomb is available all year round at your local Lush. The enchanter has lovely citrus fragrance with a hint of Neroli oil. Even though we are in fall, this bath bomb reminds me of those relaxing summer sunsets, I think it's the visual effect of the beautiful orange colours. I combined pumkin bubble bar with this bath bomb because they are both orange and it was a terrific mix! 

Price: 6.25$ 

Lush is by far the best place to get bath bombs and bubble bars. They have a large selection that I'm sure you'll find the right one for you and if you don't then you're simply too picky! 

Watch this video of their CREATURES OF THE BAAAAAATH !!! 

Oct 18, 2013

My Fall Favourites (not sponsored)

Fall is a lovely season for multiple reasons, one of them being that you feel no shame on spending a Sunday in sweatpants watching TV and sipping on your favourite tea! I just love fall for its beautiful colours , Apple picking and pumpkin pie! I've chosen some of my favourite products for this season and here they are! 
( top to bottom ) 

Boscia black thermal cleanser 

Two months ago I was forced to change cleansers because my skin felt it needed a change. Rotating cleansers is good because with time your skin gets use to a certain formula and at some point it stops doing the trick. I've been using this thermal cleanser and I really like the clean sensation on my skin. At first I was shocked at this black coloured cleanser that is warm as you rub it on your face but the end results have been great!

Price: 34$

Yes to blueberries exfoliator 

I first heard of these " say yes to... " products from a co-worker and she had great feedback from a moisturisers that she had bought in the states. So as always, curious me had to try these new products and I found this gentle exfoliator at the drug store that caught my attention. It indicates to use it 3 or 4 times a week but I've used it more... It's very gentle and I really love that clean feeling I get. This product line claims to be natural it might be true, I haven't really looked into it but it's pretty much fragrance free which is good! 

Price: 9$

Sugar honey fresh lipstick 

I've never been big on lipsticks, I guess that is the reason my lips are always dry and cracked...So this year I decided to change that for good! I tried other brands like eos and even Chanel but this one has truly won my heart. Not only does it treat your lips but it also adds color! This lipstick is long lasting and it's not sticky! This shade is perfect for a nude tone.

Price: 26$

Marc Jacobs magic marc'er 

I literally went crazy in New York's sephora because I was convinced that Marc Jacobs makeup line wasn't in Canada yet... Indeed I was wrong but oh well it was slightly cheaper over there... I wanted to buy everything but I eventually rationalized that I didn't need everything that was on display. I was first very impressed by the eyeliners because they are waterproof and smudge proof! I love love this eyeliner! It doesn't rub off and the tip is still in good conditions even after a month of almost daily usage.

Price 36$

Marc Jacobs gel eyeliners 

These eyeliners are highly pigmented and come in beautiful shades for this season. I have two of them and they have saved me money from buying fall eyeshadows. They are also waterproof and smudge proof! I just love them and I hope they come out with more shades!

Price: 30$ 

Lush macaroon bubble bath & bath bombs

Anytime is great for a bubble bath, but with the cooling weather these lush macaroons are amazing! They are adorable and smell amazingly great! I tend to use half of the macaroon with a bomb or sometimes just half of it when I want a quick bath time. Your entire bathroom will smell great! I also love bath bombs because they fizz :) 

Avo bath bomb is fresh and has a zesty scent, some might find it too refreshing for a night bubble bath but I find the smell is so relaxing! 

Yuzu and cocoa bubble bar bath, I call it the macaroon bubble bar I'm not sure if that's how they call them but that's what they remind me of. They are adorable and sweet, kind of like a macaroon :) this one has a beautiful fragrance of grapefruit with citrus notes, it goes great with the Avo bath bomb! 

Price: a total of 12$ ( average of both products ) 

Prana Machu Pichu fruits and nuts mix 

My family makes fun of me because I'm a bit like a squirrel ( even if I'm scared of them ) I snack a lot when I'm home and sometimes I hide my favourite foods. I discovered this fruit mix through my mom and I just love them! It's super healthy and tasteful! Goji berries for anti oxidants, mulberries, almonds and many other goodies! I only wish I came in a bigger bag...

Price: 4.50$ / bag

DAVIDsTEA , toasted walnut green tea 

This Montreal company has been very trendy and every season they showcase a new collection with limited edition teas. Fall is my favourite tea season because they are not too fruity or too candy sweet like Christmas, it's a good balance of fruits with spices, however this year I wasn't very impressed by their seasonal collection. So I had to rely on my good old first love and ultimate favourite tea; toasted walnut, this green tea is nicely blended with walnuts, almonds, coconut and a bit of pineapple. I highly recommend this tea for those that want to camouflage those grassy notes that are distinctive of a green tea. 

Price: 7.50$ / 50g 

All of these are some of my favourite fall products, I hope you can try some of these goodies because they are fabulous! 


Oct 17, 2013

Look of the Day: Fall Scarf

Fall is by far my favourite season because you can show different layers and wear everything you like. I love, love scarves because they add texture and keep you warm in those windy days. Scarves can completely change your outfit and make it edgy. I love this scarf because it's colourful, light and soft. Another of my favourite fall item are booties! I have about five pairs or so of booties and these ones are new this year :) very inexpensive and quite comfy! 

Photos by Bing Wang ( http://bingyuanwang.blogspot.ca )

BLAZER: Mango / PANTS: Zara / SCARF: Mexx / BOOTS: Zara 


Oct 15, 2013

Meet Bing Wang

Meet Bing Wang, a 21 year old marketing student, fashion blogger and chinchilla lover living in Montreal. Originally from the northern area of China, Bing has been living and blogging in this city for a couple of years now. I stumbled on her blog through Instagram and since then her style caught my attention. It's rarely seen people to have unique luxury brand pieces ( in Montreal) because there are very few stores and boutiques that carry them. However, Bing has found her ways to purchase these fashion gems and wears them with a flawless style. I had the chance of meeting her a couple of days ago and aside from being a total fashionista, she is very sweet and absolutely silly! I spent a good time talking to her, sharing blog dramas and overall fashion trends. Here are some of the questions I had for her. 

Q: What inspires your style? 

I get mostly inspired by magazines, blogs, runway shows and street styles. I consider my style to be casual chic, I very much like the city so I guess my style reflects the urban side of me. 

Q: Any favourite designers?

Definitely Stella McCartney, I just love everything about her collections, it's simple, clean with nice cuts. I also very much like Christopher Kane, I'm currently obsessed with his Summer 2014 collection! Right now I would really love to add a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood to my haute couture shoe collection. 

Q: What made you start your a blog?

I already read many blogs and felt like starting one of my own. When I was fourteen I started a Chinese fashion blog and it gained popularity but I didn't feel it was reflecting my current lifestyle. For two years now I've had an English blog and that is the only one I've been publishing my articles. My blog is now realistic to my current life and I'm trying to move towards an haute couture style. Basically, wear items that are from high end designers and less main stream. 

Q: What is your most precious item?

I recently bought these flame Prada shoes that I had been wanting for so long! I really love these shoes, I just love that entire collection, I wish I could get my hands on that car clutch. 

Bing has not only great style but also a great personality. Follow her blog and stay updated with her fabulous outfit posts and her upcoming adventures! 

 Check out her blog here:


Look of the Day: Zara Cool

Oh Zara! The damages that you do to my bank account! This Spaniard company has been gaining more popularity over the years and lately has been under the fashion scandal of being a copy cat. Everyone that is in the fashion loop knows that most of Zara's clothing is high fashion inspired, however why do we love it? 

Personally, I shop at Zara because so far everything I've bought hasn't shrank or shredded after a wash and I really like their cuts and patterns. It can be a bit more expensive than HM or Forever XXI but the quality is better and the fabrics are finer. When I shop at Zara one thing I always do, is to check the tag "made in..." because you can truly notice the difference between a knit made in Bangladesh and one made in Morocco (just as an example). I admit that I also love Zara because sometimes I find pieces that are Celine, Dolce & Gabbana or even Chanel inspired; items that right now are not at my reach and I won't go bankrupt for it either. In my opinion Zara is not copying these luxury brands but simply getting inspired of them which is what everyone else is doing! There is reason why they are called trends, right?  If Luxury brands are losing money to Zara, well maybe they shouldn't be selling handbags at 4000$. 

Anyways going back to my lovely outfit :) I got everything at Zara except for the tights and handbag. I'm currently obsessed with plaid and I needed to get this skirt! I also fell in love with mustard yellow sweater that is perfect for this weather.