Creatures of baaaaath (spooky Lush)

It's almost Halloween and besides dressing up and getting sugar overdosed you can also have a spooky bath! Here are three products you should definitely try during this season. 

Yes, this is in fact a pumpkin bubble bath bar but don't get confused because it's actual name is PUMKIN! This limited edition bubble bath bar celebrates Halloween with it's sweet orange aroma. Each bubble bar is carefully handmade and sweetly decorated with a licorice candy, vegan chocolate chips (eyes) and a sugar candy leaf! This bubble bath bar will literally turn your bath orange, but no worries you won't be coming out with an orange coloured skin. This earthy smell will relax you and clear your thoughts on what to wear for Halloween! 

Price : 5.95$ 

LORD OF MISRULE is one of the newest addition to the wide range of bubble bath bombs at Lush ( limited edition). This mysterious bath bomb was inspired by the pagan feasts of fools in which peasants were Lords for a day. This magical bath bomb contains flower petals and many other surprises! One of them being that it has popping candies that will fizz and crack in your bath :)  It also has a dark red centre that will be shown as it melts in the tub! For those that have never used a bath bomb, it's really to use. Simply fill your tub with warm water and gently drop the bomb in your tub and enjoy! 

Price: 5.95$ 

Last but not least, here is the ENCHANTER that will charm your body! This bath bomb is available all year round at your local Lush. The enchanter has lovely citrus fragrance with a hint of Neroli oil. Even though we are in fall, this bath bomb reminds me of those relaxing summer sunsets, I think it's the visual effect of the beautiful orange colours. I combined pumkin bubble bar with this bath bomb because they are both orange and it was a terrific mix! 

Price: 6.25$ 

Lush is by far the best place to get bath bombs and bubble bars. They have a large selection that I'm sure you'll find the right one for you and if you don't then you're simply too picky! 

Watch this video of their CREATURES OF THE BAAAAAATH !!!