Look of the Day: Zara Cool

Oh Zara! The damages that you do to my bank account! This Spaniard company has been gaining more popularity over the years and lately has been under the fashion scandal of being a copy cat. Everyone that is in the fashion loop knows that most of Zara's clothing is high fashion inspired, however why do we love it? 

Personally, I shop at Zara because so far everything I've bought hasn't shrank or shredded after a wash and I really like their cuts and patterns. It can be a bit more expensive than HM or Forever XXI but the quality is better and the fabrics are finer. When I shop at Zara one thing I always do, is to check the tag "made in..." because you can truly notice the difference between a knit made in Bangladesh and one made in Morocco (just as an example). I admit that I also love Zara because sometimes I find pieces that are Celine, Dolce & Gabbana or even Chanel inspired; items that right now are not at my reach and I won't go bankrupt for it either. In my opinion Zara is not copying these luxury brands but simply getting inspired of them which is what everyone else is doing! There is reason why they are called trends, right?  If Luxury brands are losing money to Zara, well maybe they shouldn't be selling handbags at 4000$. 

Anyways going back to my lovely outfit :) I got everything at Zara except for the tights and handbag. I'm currently obsessed with plaid and I needed to get this skirt! I also fell in love with mustard yellow sweater that is perfect for this weather.  




  1. Great look really like the yellow sweater match with purple!

    Cophy xx



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