Meet Bing Wang

Meet Bing Wang, a 21 year old marketing student, fashion blogger and chinchilla lover living in Montreal. Originally from the northern area of China, Bing has been living and blogging in this city for a couple of years now. I stumbled on her blog through Instagram and since then her style caught my attention. It's rarely seen people to have unique luxury brand pieces ( in Montreal) because there are very few stores and boutiques that carry them. However, Bing has found her ways to purchase these fashion gems and wears them with a flawless style. I had the chance of meeting her a couple of days ago and aside from being a total fashionista, she is very sweet and absolutely silly! I spent a good time talking to her, sharing blog dramas and overall fashion trends. Here are some of the questions I had for her. 

Q: What inspires your style? 

I get mostly inspired by magazines, blogs, runway shows and street styles. I consider my style to be casual chic, I very much like the city so I guess my style reflects the urban side of me. 

Q: Any favourite designers?

Definitely Stella McCartney, I just love everything about her collections, it's simple, clean with nice cuts. I also very much like Christopher Kane, I'm currently obsessed with his Summer 2014 collection! Right now I would really love to add a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood to my haute couture shoe collection. 

Q: What made you start your a blog?

I already read many blogs and felt like starting one of my own. When I was fourteen I started a Chinese fashion blog and it gained popularity but I didn't feel it was reflecting my current lifestyle. For two years now I've had an English blog and that is the only one I've been publishing my articles. My blog is now realistic to my current life and I'm trying to move towards an haute couture style. Basically, wear items that are from high end designers and less main stream. 

Q: What is your most precious item?

I recently bought these flame Prada shoes that I had been wanting for so long! I really love these shoes, I just love that entire collection, I wish I could get my hands on that car clutch. 

Bing has not only great style but also a great personality. Follow her blog and stay updated with her fabulous outfit posts and her upcoming adventures! 

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