Nov 28, 2013

Judith + Charles Spring 2014

Last week I was invited to see a preview of Judith and Charles' spring collection 2014. Up until that day I did not know much of this brand, but I'm grateful to have learned more about this creative duo. Judith and Charles wasn't born in Canada, however they have established themselves here quite well and keep expanding into other international fashion cities. I was very impressed by all the detailing and thought that goes into these garments. They are versatile yet simple and trendy; they are nicely balanced. This collection has a bit of everything for everyone, a more formal portion, a minimalist side and even a bit of the classic nautical style for those breezy summer days. From blazers to dresses and tops that can be combined in countless ways and can be certainly used in different seasons. The fabrics are of great quality and the cuts have been well thought and executed. My favourite piece was this black jumpsuit, it's absolutely gorgeous, it can be paired with nude pointy heels or a crispy white blazer. I wasn't able to capture an image worthy to show this majestic jumpsuit but it's honestly worth to purchase it. I can say that 90% of their collection is timeless and can go from office to after parties without a doubt. If you have a chance, I encourage you to visit one of their stores in Montreal. 

Visit their website for further details


Nov 24, 2013

Kevin Murphy Gold Color Bug + Makeup

The Holidays are around the corner and it's the perfect time to make your looks shine. Glitters, sequins and gold are a must during Christmas and what better way than a gold ombré hair. Kevin Murphy has many colour bugs with different shades, but I had my eye on this gold shimmer bug for a while. I was thrilled to try it out!

This colour bug won't make your hair super gold or blond, it simply adds some shimmer and accents that shine as you walk, almost like fine highlights. It is a bit messy to use and it will transfer to your clothes, so I recommend to put a towel on your shoulder as you apply it. Be careful not to touch your face as you do this because you might look a bit tanner than usual if you do... I did this near the sink so the excess of powder could fall there and it's also easier to wash your hands. I find that this colour bug gives more of a copper tone than blond or gold.

After applying the colour bug apply a bit of Session Spray by Kevin Murphy to set the colour in your hair. It will definitely hold the colour and avoid the gold shimmer to fall out, but I will say that colour does transfer so be careful if you're extremely neat with your clothes.

Last week I went to get a haircut and through my hairstylist at Moxee Coiffure in Lasalle, I discovered Kevin Murphy's eye makeup. I was completely astonished and surprised that they've extended their line to makeup. I was also impressed by the pigmentation in these eye shadows. I highly recommend to wear an eye primer before the application. However, the grey and nude tones blend nicely for a natural allure. 

Combining the Gold colour bug and this makeup eye palette you will definitely have some heads turning towards you. Gold is a classic statement during the holidays so get your game on and get ready to shine with this duo!

You can find these products here ( the hair salon I go)

Or find a closer distributor by visiting Kevin Murphy website

- Nelly 

Nov 14, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

This past Tuesday I was invited to attend the pre-sale of Isabel Marant's collaboration with H&M. On that freezing evening numerous people from media, press and Montreal's socialite were lined up outsides downtown H&M. People were anxiously waiting to get their hands on a piece of this exclusive collection. As the doors opened, the fashion battle had begun and people savagely grabbed whatever was at their reach. I brought along a friend to witness this chaotic closed doors shopping event and to also take advantage of an extra sale on their regular collection. 

This collaboration had earthy colours with some tribal patterns combined with country/cowboy accents. This collection expanded itself to kids and men. As I got in, almost everything was gone, everyone had grabbed a sweater, a skirt or pants. Some shoes and accessories were left... so I took a tour around the kids section because yes I'm that small that I could fit in those sizes and also H&M tends to make their clothes bigger than other brands (in my opinion). Anyways, I tried a pair of pants and I also found these sneakers around the kid's section. I really like the colors and I think they would be perfect for summer! I'm still unsure if they are suppose to be for children because they had size 8?... 

After this event, many people have expressed their disappointment on the designs and quality of the product. Isabel Marant is a French designer that has proven to be a fashion genius, however in my opinion her line doesn't have a bold signature. In comparison to previous collaborations such as Versace, where bright colours, big patterns and gold were massively branding their image. Isabel Marant's approach was more simple, comfortable yet timeless, I don't hate it but I didn't go crazy on it. As for the quality... well it is an H&M production so don't expect for perfect cuts and exquisite fabrics. I rationalized and bought these shoes for 60$ and I'm happy with my purchase :) 

These are some shots I took at the event and obviously my shoes!!!


Nov 10, 2013

Parisienne French Book

I was very surprised to have been approached by the publishers to get a glimpse at this book before its official release. I’m far from being the type of person to finish a book in two days, but in less than 24 hours I had reached the end of this book. I think it’s the first time I read a book from beginning to end in less than a day. I must clarify that this book is easily read by any French speaker as myself. Nevertheless, I learned interesting things that I’m sure will be useful whenever I visit Paris.


Written by Rhianna Jones, “Parisienne French” is a cute guide filled with chic phrases, slangs and tips for all of those girls that have dreamt about traveling to the city of lights. I was very thrilled to start reading this book because believe it or not I’ve never been to Paris. However, as most Montrealers I’ve had my share of meeting french guys/girls in school, at work and bars. The French influence is lively seen in Montreal, but it’s definitely very different from the Parisian culture.


Of all the chapters in this book, the Love, Amour had me captivated. Most people would have bet that la Mode would have me on my tip toes but that is a topic I’m very familiar with. As I read this book it was inevitable to remember the wonderful moments I spent with a French guy I met a few years ago. As Rhianna says in her book: “It should come as no surprise that les Français are natural born charmers.” There is no doubt about that! From personal experience, the French are exquisitely great charmers. Some are truthfully romantic and will get emotionally involved with you, while others will only use their charm for an occasional lusty night. In my case it was a short and sweet affair and it might have developed into something deeper but life took a different course. Anyways, all I know is that French are great lovers and they’ve set the bar high for my standards.


This book is a MUST for any girl, not just for those that dream about finding love and a new wardrobe in Paris. The city of lights is definitely in my to do list and this book has simply fed my desire to go there as soon as there is a possibility for me! “Parisienne French” will take you in this pop culture tour with tips and slangs that will grab the French attention (in a good way). This helpful book is not only cute but light enough to be thrown in your purse as you travel around Paris. I highly recommended I to you :)

Now available in amazon!


Nov 6, 2013

Rad Hourani at Phi Centre

Minimalist, unconventional and versatile are some of the words that crossed my mind as I walked through Rad Hourani's exhibition at the Phi Centre. Last Friday (November 1st), I was cordially invited to attend this neatly curated exhibition by designer Rad Hourani. His unisex trademark has brought him to become the first Canadian designer to be invited by La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to design and present an entire high fashion collection in Paris. Rad Hourani has marked history in the fashion industry as being the first to create a full unisex collection in the Haute Couture circle. He is continuously reinventing fashion and his inspirations overlap multiple artistic fields. This exhibition is a collective of his creative process and design methodology, showing everyone that fashion is not constrained by gender, race or age. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to talk with Rad Hourani, but his work has simply left me eager to see his next collection. I invite you all to take some time off your busy schedules and dive into Rad Hourani's exhibition at the Phi Centre in the Old port (Montreal). 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 11AM to 6PM
Thursday & Friday: 11AM to 7PM
Saturday: 12PM to 5PM
*Please note that the shop will be open until 8PM on 8 November; until 9PM on November 28 and also open until 10PM on November 14, 22, 21, 23 & 29.
November 8 at 6PM
Talk with Rad Hourani
November 14 at 8PM
Pierre Lapointe
Opening: Chris Garneau
$40, taxes and fees included (Seating is limited)

November 29 at 9PM
Closing night with Jacques Greene
Opening: Meleke
100 first tickets at the price of $15 (taxes and fees included)
Other tickets will be sold at $20 (taxes and fees included)
(all photos were taken by me)

Nov 1, 2013

Wednesday Addams Makeup

Did I scare you? ;)

Growing up I never celebrated Halloween because I come from a Christian family. I never trick or treated, I never dressed up and sometimes I would even miss school on that day! Now that I'm older, I do dress up (not always) but I don't do much for Halloween. It's not a holiday that I'm anxious to celebrate, and I don't decorate my house. I just like the idea of dressing as another person for a day and not being questioned by others or be seen weirdly on the streets. 

For the longest time I've been wanting to be Wednesdays Addams, because I love this family! I never get tired of watching their series and movies. Wednesday Addams is a smart girl that is careless, cold and a bit creepy. This transformation is not hard or expensive!

I spent a total of 30$ because I didn't have a long sleeve black dress and I also don't have long hair....
The trick in this look is to have a pale complexion and nicely defined features. You must keep in mind that the Addams are not dead or zombies, so painting your entire face white won't look natural, you also don't want to look like a vampire! I didn't do a full smokey eye because Wednesday is a little girl and she doesn't wear makeup. 

Anyways I hope you all had a safe Halloween!