Isabel Marant for H&M

This past Tuesday I was invited to attend the pre-sale of Isabel Marant's collaboration with H&M. On that freezing evening numerous people from media, press and Montreal's socialite were lined up outsides downtown H&M. People were anxiously waiting to get their hands on a piece of this exclusive collection. As the doors opened, the fashion battle had begun and people savagely grabbed whatever was at their reach. I brought along a friend to witness this chaotic closed doors shopping event and to also take advantage of an extra sale on their regular collection. 

This collaboration had earthy colours with some tribal patterns combined with country/cowboy accents. This collection expanded itself to kids and men. As I got in, almost everything was gone, everyone had grabbed a sweater, a skirt or pants. Some shoes and accessories were left... so I took a tour around the kids section because yes I'm that small that I could fit in those sizes and also H&M tends to make their clothes bigger than other brands (in my opinion). Anyways, I tried a pair of pants and I also found these sneakers around the kid's section. I really like the colors and I think they would be perfect for summer! I'm still unsure if they are suppose to be for children because they had size 8?... 

After this event, many people have expressed their disappointment on the designs and quality of the product. Isabel Marant is a French designer that has proven to be a fashion genius, however in my opinion her line doesn't have a bold signature. In comparison to previous collaborations such as Versace, where bright colours, big patterns and gold were massively branding their image. Isabel Marant's approach was more simple, comfortable yet timeless, I don't hate it but I didn't go crazy on it. As for the quality... well it is an H&M production so don't expect for perfect cuts and exquisite fabrics. I rationalized and bought these shoes for 60$ and I'm happy with my purchase :) 

These are some shots I took at the event and obviously my shoes!!!