Kevin Murphy Gold Color Bug + Makeup

The Holidays are around the corner and it's the perfect time to make your looks shine. Glitters, sequins and gold are a must during Christmas and what better way than a gold ombré hair. Kevin Murphy has many colour bugs with different shades, but I had my eye on this gold shimmer bug for a while. I was thrilled to try it out!

This colour bug won't make your hair super gold or blond, it simply adds some shimmer and accents that shine as you walk, almost like fine highlights. It is a bit messy to use and it will transfer to your clothes, so I recommend to put a towel on your shoulder as you apply it. Be careful not to touch your face as you do this because you might look a bit tanner than usual if you do... I did this near the sink so the excess of powder could fall there and it's also easier to wash your hands. I find that this colour bug gives more of a copper tone than blond or gold.

After applying the colour bug apply a bit of Session Spray by Kevin Murphy to set the colour in your hair. It will definitely hold the colour and avoid the gold shimmer to fall out, but I will say that colour does transfer so be careful if you're extremely neat with your clothes.

Last week I went to get a haircut and through my hairstylist at Moxee Coiffure in Lasalle, I discovered Kevin Murphy's eye makeup. I was completely astonished and surprised that they've extended their line to makeup. I was also impressed by the pigmentation in these eye shadows. I highly recommend to wear an eye primer before the application. However, the grey and nude tones blend nicely for a natural allure. 

Combining the Gold colour bug and this makeup eye palette you will definitely have some heads turning towards you. Gold is a classic statement during the holidays so get your game on and get ready to shine with this duo!

You can find these products here ( the hair salon I go)

Or find a closer distributor by visiting Kevin Murphy website

- Nelly