Parisienne French Book

I was very surprised to have been approached by the publishers to get a glimpse at this book before its official release. I’m far from being the type of person to finish a book in two days, but in less than 24 hours I had reached the end of this book. I think it’s the first time I read a book from beginning to end in less than a day. I must clarify that this book is easily read by any French speaker as myself. Nevertheless, I learned interesting things that I’m sure will be useful whenever I visit Paris.


Written by Rhianna Jones, “Parisienne French” is a cute guide filled with chic phrases, slangs and tips for all of those girls that have dreamt about traveling to the city of lights. I was very thrilled to start reading this book because believe it or not I’ve never been to Paris. However, as most Montrealers I’ve had my share of meeting french guys/girls in school, at work and bars. The French influence is lively seen in Montreal, but it’s definitely very different from the Parisian culture.


Of all the chapters in this book, the Love, Amour had me captivated. Most people would have bet that la Mode would have me on my tip toes but that is a topic I’m very familiar with. As I read this book it was inevitable to remember the wonderful moments I spent with a French guy I met a few years ago. As Rhianna says in her book: “It should come as no surprise that les Français are natural born charmers.” There is no doubt about that! From personal experience, the French are exquisitely great charmers. Some are truthfully romantic and will get emotionally involved with you, while others will only use their charm for an occasional lusty night. In my case it was a short and sweet affair and it might have developed into something deeper but life took a different course. Anyways, all I know is that French are great lovers and they’ve set the bar high for my standards.


This book is a MUST for any girl, not just for those that dream about finding love and a new wardrobe in Paris. The city of lights is definitely in my to do list and this book has simply fed my desire to go there as soon as there is a possibility for me! “Parisienne French” will take you in this pop culture tour with tips and slangs that will grab the French attention (in a good way). This helpful book is not only cute but light enough to be thrown in your purse as you travel around Paris. I highly recommended I to you :)

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