Wednesday Addams Makeup

Did I scare you? ;)

Growing up I never celebrated Halloween because I come from a Christian family. I never trick or treated, I never dressed up and sometimes I would even miss school on that day! Now that I'm older, I do dress up (not always) but I don't do much for Halloween. It's not a holiday that I'm anxious to celebrate, and I don't decorate my house. I just like the idea of dressing as another person for a day and not being questioned by others or be seen weirdly on the streets. 

For the longest time I've been wanting to be Wednesdays Addams, because I love this family! I never get tired of watching their series and movies. Wednesday Addams is a smart girl that is careless, cold and a bit creepy. This transformation is not hard or expensive!

I spent a total of 30$ because I didn't have a long sleeve black dress and I also don't have long hair....
The trick in this look is to have a pale complexion and nicely defined features. You must keep in mind that the Addams are not dead or zombies, so painting your entire face white won't look natural, you also don't want to look like a vampire! I didn't do a full smokey eye because Wednesday is a little girl and she doesn't wear makeup. 

Anyways I hope you all had a safe Halloween!