BCBG Spring 2014

This past week I was invited to attend the preview of BCBG's spring/summer 2014 collections. It was a media breakfast, so that meant waking up earlier than usual for a sleep bum like me. I was quite excited to see a preview of this collection since I didn't have the chance to see their show in New York fashion week this past September. Nevertheless, I was glad to have been invited to have a glimpse to their upcoming collection. For those that are unfamiliar with BCBG, they have many brands under their name that frankly I get confused myself to differentiate them. The one that I personally identify myself more is with BCBG Generation, which targets a younger market with their continuous trendy pieces. On that morning media event they had 4 or 5 racks each representing their different collections, with a few pieces of their new collections. As I walked through the store I took a look at their collections, but I was mostly distracted by their accessories displayed in their current collection. I love bold necklaces and seeing them on those mannequins, I simply had to snap a picture of them. 

I also received a small introduction to their runway collection that was presented in New York fashion week. Most of it was inspired by the sharpness and edginess of menswear but keeping the feminine lines and curves that enhance a women's body. The concept of blending both genders together is fantastic because that masculine aspect on a women's outfit is very sexy. The image above is my favourite look of this collection, I just love it! It's bold, simple and straight forward. BCBG pays great attention to detail, cuts and fabrics which places them on one of the most influential brands in fashion. Next year they will be celebrating 25 years in this industry and it will certainly be an even greater fashion show in New York's fashion week. Some of these pieces will be available in Canada, you can always visit their website or visit one of their stores located in Montreal.