Lush Holiday Favourites

The holiday season is full of must haves and wishlists, however one that shouldn't be excluded from these lists is Lush. Christmas is a perfect time to share Lush with your loved ones. They have plenty of cute gift packages and many special holiday products that will surely make anyone jolly. Here are some of my Holiday favourites for this season.

Santa baby lip tint

Christmas is a great time to go all out with your makeup, and Santa baby lip tint will have all eyes on your lips. It's highly pigmented and this luscious red color stays on for a couple of hours. If you would like it to stay on longer, just apply a translucent lipgloss on top. You can apply this lip tint with your fingers or for a precise application use a flat lip brush. What I love the most about Santa baby is that it's small and compact, you can easily throw it in your clutch! 

Santa lip scrub 

Winter is a time that our lips crack and easily get dry, but Santa lip scrub will save your lips. This lip scrub is more than a lip saviour, it's delicious! It brings back a lot of childhood memories with its cherry cola taste. When you first open this lip scrub, you'll see these adorable candy hearts! You can remove them if you feel them too weird on your lips...or eat them as I did ( maybe not the best idea... Hihihi)
I recommend to use it once or twice a week, so your lips are soft and smooth for the holidays. 

Celebrate body lotion 

Lush has the best body lotions for every single season and christmas is no exception. Celebrate body lotion has key ingredients that will nurture your skin for this cold weather. This lotion has cognac, orange and lime oils, cocoa butter and almond oil that will rescue your skin from this winter dryness. If you've had a bad day, just take a bath with golden wonder bath bomb and then lather up with this lotion and you're day will have a happy ending. I guarantee you, this duo does wonders! On top of having a blend of super ingredients, celebrate is presertative free! If only it could stay all year round :(. 

Snow globe soap 

 This soap is a mixture of two of my favourite ingredients, graprefruits and lemon. It has a wonderful fragrance that takes over your bathroom and seriously wakes you up! I'm kind of getting addicted to this one, so I better stock up before it goes away! Snow globe is a great vigorizing soap for those mornings after a heavy party night (which happens often during this season, right?) Those citrus scents are simply an energy booster! 

Golden wonder bath bomb 

To me hibernating in winter and becoming a hermit is a great excuse to take long baths at home, while listening to some of my favourites tunes. Holidays shouldn't be a reason to stress about gifts or reunions, take that time to pamper yourself and be proud of all the hard work you've done this year. Golden wonder bath bomb will surely uplift your spirit and make you feel amazingly relaxed and beautiful. Who doesn't feel special bathing in cognac oils and citrus oils that will leave your skin smelling like champagne? I recommend to take half an hour to yourself, take a bath and have a glass of champagne! 

Snow fairy shower gel 

Remember the time when you were a kid, and you loved chewing on bubba bubble gum, well that's exactly how snow fairy smells. This shower gel brings me back to my childhood, and I love it! I just love smells that take me back in time because I believe that cherishing those moments are rewarding to oneself. Snow fairy, seriously rewinds time and having that smell on my skin is simply priceless. I love having my entire shower smelling like bubble gum!! This gel not only smells great but its creamy texture feels decadent on your skin. Snow fairy is a precious gem that is only here for the holidays! 

If you liked my favourites or would like to know more about Lush, please visit their website or go to the closest location to smell and check them out!
Buy them now before it's too late!!