Jan 28, 2014

Lulu Guinness in New York

Yes, another post about New York... There is always something to talk about this city! I took a stroll with my sister and cousin on Bleecker street and as we window shopped, these lip clutches caught my attention. Lulu Guinness, is one of the most adorable boutiques I've visited! It was like a magical spot and it was so calming and quiet, that I never felt like leaving. Everything was so cute and over the top adorable that I simply wanted to purchase all of it! However, I had to control myself and I got a beautiful card holder, that I needed. Here are some of the items that were in their shop. There is only one Lulu Guinness in North America and it's in NYC! This British company is eclectic and the lips are its signature design. 

You can visit their website and shop! They ship to Canada :)


Jan 19, 2014

Review on Nude lips lipstick / lipbalm

Nude lips are timeless, but maintaining healthy looking lips is not a simple equation. As girls, we are continuously bombarded by makeup brands claiming to have a miraculous lipstick formula but don't let yourselves get fooled! Try an error is really the only way to go when it comes to makeup; especially with lipstick because our lips have a completely different texture than our skin. I must confess that up until a few months ago, my lips were cracked and completely dry. I have never been the type of girl to carry a lipstick in her purse... for many years I neglected my poor lips...Maybe that's why I'm single, right? This winter I decided to end my shameful unhealthy looking lips and here are my top 5 lipsticks! 


I had heard so many girls rave about these little ball shaped lip balms, and with all of these great reviews I simply had to try it! 


EOS literally healed my lips and moisturized them deeply, I started to apply it every night before bed and I've had a notorious improvement. This minty lip balm is refreshing and I truly enjoy it's easy application. Simply open and apply!


The ball shape takes room in a purse (clutch) and is not practical to fit in a pocket... It also does not add colour to your lips so if you're looking for a fuller appearance this is not the ideal route. 


This is actually the first Korres product that I purchase... I had tried some samples here and there from Sephora but never got around buying any... I had heard great reviews from their Greek yogurt line and they even have lipsticks that also act as exfoliators, but I recently went to Sephora and noticed these other lipsticks were on sale (my favourite word)! So I bought one! 


I love the size! It has the perfect size for anyone that is always running  up and down all day and needs a little retouch  every now and then. I also enjoy that is non-sticky and is lightweight. As for colour, well it's not really pronounced but I like that because it gives that natural wet lip effect. 


I don't feel it actually hydrates my lips... I find it adds colour and glaze but doesn't act as a moisturiser. I might be wrong, it could be just me. If you're looking for a deep hydration I would not recommend this lipstick. I think it's great to use it once your lips are less damaged and are in the healing process. 


I have a friend that absolutely loves Baby Lips and probably has their entire collection. When these Dr.Rescue Baby Lips came out, I knew it was time for me to try them! I still have mix feelings about this tinted lip balm...


I love the price! It's really inexpensive (compared to other brands). I really like that minty effect after each application and the refreshing sensation I get. I think it's nicer for a night time use, before going to bed. I have noticed a difference on my lips.. they feel smoother in the morning when I wake up and it does help to treat dry, cracked lips!


I find it leaves a film sensation on my lips (if that makes sense to anyone?)... I don't feel it gets absorbed properly and the colour is not that great on me... It makes my lips too pale...yet the shade does not appear that fair... I might give it another try in a darker shade or simply buy the non-colouring one. As for now, I mostly use it at night because I'm not fond of the colour...


MY FAVOURITE OF ALL!!!! I love it! I can't tell if it's a lipstick or lip balm, all I know is that is fabulous! 


It will definitely treat damaged lips and will add colour and smoothness to them. It gives that natural effect and feeling that you won't even notice you're wearing a lipstick. I absolutely recommend this one to everyone!!! I need it with me at all times and I use it every day! My lips are not pale and have this purple undertone so this shade fits perfectly with my colour. I also love the taste... Call me weird but I do enjoy a good tasting lipstick... I'm sure everyone has already unintentionally tasted their lipstick before... right? When you eat or talk, your tongue touches your lips and I hate that plastic or too lipstick flavour.. but this one is just great! 


It is a bit pricey... about 26$... yet it's really worth it and it does last a while! Other than the price there is nothing wrong with this tinted lip balm.


I had always wanted a Givenchy lipgloss because they have so many shades but as mentioned before I use to have really ugly dry lips so I waited until my lips were healed to get one! Kind of like a reward to myself for not being neglectful towards my lips (I always have an excuse to buy makeup...)


I love the packaging, as silly as it may sound... to me packaging is very important in makeup! It will last a good two hours even after eating and the colour is not heavy on the lips. I bought this shade because my lips have this plum undertone so it's actually not that crazy looking when I apply it. This lipstick makes me feel a bit more glamorous and girly!


The price is $$... but if you're looking to pamper yourself I recommend your get one. It is a bit sticky but other than that I don't have other any bad comments. 

I hope this list has been helpful!


Jan 17, 2014

My New York Shopping

Last weekend was my BIG trip to New York, it was a short visit yet quite eventful. I've been countless times to New York, but this trip was truly a life changing experience. Even with a tight schedule, I still managed to shop here and there with my sister! Considering myself a tea type of gal, I still have room in my heart for some classic Starbucks (which brings back good old college memoirs). I've always wanted a NYC cup, but I didn't want to be another typical tourist with the "I LOVE NYC" mug. I saw this beautiful mug on 7th avenue and I just had to get it!!! I just love the design, and that yellow cab is an adorable detail.

Can you read inside my ring... I'm now married to Marc Jacobs... ;) 

Marc Jacobs, is simply one of those brands that I will be forever loyal and if you ask me why,... well it's essentially creative and innovative, two thumb rules in fashion. I had to shop on Bleecker street (Lower Manhattan), and it was inevitable not to visit my dear Marc Jacobs. One thing I deeply appreciate about this brand, is the blend of design and humour. They had 2$ condoms... and funky clear umbrellas, along with French bulldog patterned beanies! I only bought these two accessories because I had to control myself but also because they were on SALE! (my favourite word) 

As I walked through the foggy Bleecker Street, I discovered LULU GUINNESS. I saw so many adorable things through the window that simply drew me into the boutique. Along with my sister and cousin, I browsed around and I was simply falling in love by the minute with their brand. This British brand's emblem are the lip shaped clutches and from there on it has evolved into many more designs. I bought this card holder because it's been ages since I've been in the search for one! I finally have an adorable one to show off :)

It's almost impossible for me to be in New York and come back empty shoe handed... I have to buy at least ONE pair!!! I was looking for a pair of short booties with some heel and these are just perfect! I got these at Macy's!!! I love their sales!!! 

Well this is all I bought in New York!!! 

Wish me luck :)


Jan 15, 2014

Palladium SS2014 Collection

 For the second time I was invited to preview Palladium's SS2014 collection and I was quite impressed by their upcoming collaborations and trendy styles. Personally, I find that Palladium is the type of brand that has different designs for every type of person. Some of their shoes have crazy patterns and colourful swatches while others are more conventional yet they all capture that Palladium essence. One thing I do admire of this brand is their commitment to quality, comfort and protection. I have a pair of blue Palladium and they are very comfortable to walk with, they are flexible and I just love that POP of colour they give to my outfit. You can check it out here ---> PALLADIUM LOOK how I styled up my Palladium! 

I find that Palladium are the type of shoes (boots) that are very different and should be shown for others to see. They are fun and can truly make a statement in your look. Of all the styles I saw on the preview, these colourful dotted ones were my favourite!!! I just love the colours and for some odd reason they remind me of nerds (candies). I love shoes that are different and uncommon, I like when people wonder where did I buy them :) Palladium gives your style that type of intrigue and will certainly catch people's attention (in a good way!)

If you would like to know more of this brand and see other models please visit their website!!!


Jan 13, 2014

My New York Journey

These past few months have been pure chaos in my life. The holiday craziness, busy days at work and the application process for my future plans have been truly stressful. However, this trip to New York has been an eye opening experience in my life. Up until last week, I felt insecure about my skills and all of these doubts had me really nervous. For the first time in my life, I wasn't thrilled about going to New York. My thoughts were stressing me out and I was starting to be scared for this jump. I won't get into details of my reason for this trip because I still don't have a concrete answer in hands but I got a good feeling after my appointment. 

I was impressed with the positive feedback I received and hopefully everything will keep going well. I've placed all my plans and dreams in God's hands and He will do whatever is best for my life. I will keep you posted once I get some news and hopefully they are good ones! Keep your fingers crossed :) 

I didn't take that many pictures because the weather was bad... I will show you some more later on!