My New York Journey

These past few months have been pure chaos in my life. The holiday craziness, busy days at work and the application process for my future plans have been truly stressful. However, this trip to New York has been an eye opening experience in my life. Up until last week, I felt insecure about my skills and all of these doubts had me really nervous. For the first time in my life, I wasn't thrilled about going to New York. My thoughts were stressing me out and I was starting to be scared for this jump. I won't get into details of my reason for this trip because I still don't have a concrete answer in hands but I got a good feeling after my appointment. 

I was impressed with the positive feedback I received and hopefully everything will keep going well. I've placed all my plans and dreams in God's hands and He will do whatever is best for my life. I will keep you posted once I get some news and hopefully they are good ones! Keep your fingers crossed :) 

I didn't take that many pictures because the weather was bad... I will show you some more later on!