Palladium SS2014 Collection

 For the second time I was invited to preview Palladium's SS2014 collection and I was quite impressed by their upcoming collaborations and trendy styles. Personally, I find that Palladium is the type of brand that has different designs for every type of person. Some of their shoes have crazy patterns and colourful swatches while others are more conventional yet they all capture that Palladium essence. One thing I do admire of this brand is their commitment to quality, comfort and protection. I have a pair of blue Palladium and they are very comfortable to walk with, they are flexible and I just love that POP of colour they give to my outfit. You can check it out here ---> PALLADIUM LOOK how I styled up my Palladium! 

I find that Palladium are the type of shoes (boots) that are very different and should be shown for others to see. They are fun and can truly make a statement in your look. Of all the styles I saw on the preview, these colourful dotted ones were my favourite!!! I just love the colours and for some odd reason they remind me of nerds (candies). I love shoes that are different and uncommon, I like when people wonder where did I buy them :) Palladium gives your style that type of intrigue and will certainly catch people's attention (in a good way!)

If you would like to know more of this brand and see other models please visit their website!!!