Feb 27, 2014

Lip care: Exfoliate your lips!

Lip care is not easy and it will take a while before you create a routine that is suitable for your lips. They are very sensible and easily crack under a dry cold weather. My last post on Nude lips got and still gets a decent amount of views which indicates me it's a popular topic! In that post I showed you my favourite lip balms and lipsticks, and here I will share some tricks to exfoliate your lips. There is nothing sexy in cracked lips with lipstick on top! Exfoliating is very important because it will remove dead skin and leave them ready to be moisturised and sexy for a firing red lipstick. 

I rather buy my exfoliator but you can definitely make one at home; it's very easy just mix a bit of lemon juice, coconut oil with some brown sugar and voila! I personally LOVE this one from Lush! My lips feel so fresh and have that tingly minty sensation. They have 3 or 4 other kinds that you can choose from but so far this is my favourite! I like exfoliating my lips at least once a week at night and I moisturise them afterwards. 

I recommend to every now and then brush your lips! Just gently brush your lips, it's that simple! Make sure your toothbrush is clean from toothpaste, you can also apply some lipbalm or vaseline but that is optional. 

I've been obsessed with this little guy because it's so refreshing and it does a great job at moisturising your lips. Definitely a must to have! I love the price and that it's also pocket friendly! 

Well I hope my tricks will help you have those sexy lips!


Feb 24, 2014

Moschino Winter 2014 Fails

It's been a while since I've posted an article about a runway show during fashion week season, however my jaw dropped when I saw this... Not for its beauty but for its unoriginal concept. Last year, Moschino announced the takeover of Jeremy Scott as their main creative director, and although many were excited for this change... I had my doubts about this shift in direction. I will admit that Moschino needed a little push, however placing someone that is irrelevant to an Italian fashion house was quite a risk. I've always loved Moschino for being playful and for showcasing their collections in the most creative ways. One of the other elements that has always distinguished Moschino, has been their Italian pride and Jeremy truly missed his target... This collection is poorly designed and is very uncreative. A lot of people have claimed Jeremy to be a fashion genius, but being crazy and eclectic is only one part of this industry. This collection will only work for Katy perry or Lady Gaga's tour wardrobes, other than that they it should be banished from an Haute couture boutique. This collection probably took him two days to design; one for picking out the graphics and a second one to wrap up the models with these commercialized prints. I don't think he embraced the Moschino essence but instead made the food industry a favour by marketing their chocolates and gummies on the runways of Milan. 


Feb 13, 2014

Fashion iPhone Cases

So some of you know a bit of my life and have an insight to my personal future plans... I don't feel fully comfortable divulging what may or not happen in the couple of months with my life because I'm still waiting for a concrete answer... However, until then I've decided to take some action and raise funds for my future...
All I can share is that I've been planning this for a while now and I truly hope it comes true... 
I've taken the initiative to design iPhone cases with my illustrations. These have all been hand sketched by myself and they are all my original artwork. I haven't ordered that many so if you're interested please contact me ASAP!

I got inspired by all of those fashionista girls that take pictures of their food on Instragram! Yes, fashion girls do love to eat! -20$

Montrealer.. for the Montreal girl with great sense of style! - 20$

The Mystery girl - 20$

The flirt girl - 20$

I hope you liked them!!! I'm opened to custom sketches so please let me know what you would like and maybe I can make it for you! They are currently only available for iPhone 4 and depending on the demand I will order for iPhone 5. 



Feb 11, 2014


It would have been a crime not to give this palette a mention in my winter favourites. I was a late bloomer in the urban decay makeup sector, but I'm glad I came accross this wonderful beauty brand. This palette has the essential shades for an everyday look and for a glamorous evening. The looks that you can create with this palette are endless! I love that it has both matte and shimmering shades. 

You can purchase this urban decay naked palette 2 at Sephora.

I have a love/hate relationship with Marc Jacobs' makeup line because I'm in love with their eyeliners and this blush but I really dislike their foundation. Their makeup is a bit over priced but they are so addictive! I love this blush because it has that perfect tone between a plum and pink shade. The application is smooth and blends nicely with the skin. 

You can also purchase this Marc Jacobs blush at Sephora.

I've been more than ever obsessed with the winged eye look, and I've been testing countless eyeliners.  I was hooked with the Marc Jacobs eyeliner, but it's quite expensive so I decided to try Stila's eyeliner. It's still expensive for a simple felt tip eyeliner but it does last a while and it stays on the entire day! I'm really loving this eyeliner. 

You can purchase this Stila eyeliner at Sephora. 

These past few months I've been going through a lot of stress and my skin has suffered the consequences. I had a horrible breakout and my main concern was to give my skin a deep clean every night. I was fed up of seeing makeup leftovers on my towel, so I went directly to sephora and this amazing beauty expert recommended me this cleanser. Purity by philosophy, it's simply the best cleanser I've used so far! This creamy formula gently removes the makeup and doesn't hurt the eyes. I love it! This cleanser washes off your makeup without drying your skin and it smells very nice. 

You can purchase this Purity cleanser at Sephora.

This winter has been one of the worst that I've seen and it has taken a toll on my skin. It's the first winter that has made me invest much more money on my skin care... On top of that my stress level has been sky high and my skin has reflected the negative effects of my anxiety. I had a severe acne spot on one of my cheeks and I needed to urgently heal those scars. I went to lush because it's one of the few places in the mall that I feel comfortable enough to share how I feel and I always receive a friendly service. Their advice is genuine and I trust whatever they recommend. One of the girls told me about this face mask and mentioned that the papaya would help my scars heal... And it has! I've noticed a the difference and my scars have diminished and they even look less darker. I love this face mask! I've tried other ones at lush but this is the best one so far! Their face mask are a
always fresh and have no presertatives. 

You can purchase this at Lush! 

This winter has not only given us a terrible weather but I believe that everyone has been sick at least once! I hate being sick and I do everything not to be in such situation... I must admit that I'm somewhat of a germophobe...I'm the type of person that carries a hand sanitizer everywhere! Ever since I discovered bath and body works... I've been obsessed with their hand soaps! They have an infinite variety of them and seasonally come up with new ones! These two are some of my ultimate favourites! I love having fresh smelling hands and I truly enjoy their promos! I go crazy whenever they have buy 3 get 3 free! 

You can purchase these at bath and body works 


I've always been that person with ugly hands during winter... They crack and bleed, but this year I've really wanted to take care of my body from head to toe. I discovered this hand cream in the most embarrassing way... I was at sephora with the best beauty expert (she's super nice and knows exactly what I need) she has honestly never failed with her recommendations. Anyways, that evening she was testing out some eye shadows on my hand and saw how damaged they were and nicely told me to try this hand cream. She gently massaged my hands and I felt rescued! This hand cream is amazing, contrary to other drug store hand creams you only have to use it once or twice a day! It's not oily and gets rapidly absorbed by the skin. I also love the smell! It's pricier than your regular hand cream but you use less and it does wonders. 

You can purchase this at sephora. 

All of these products have been part of my everyday life this winter and have lifted me up during this dreadful season. I must clarify that I don't get paid or sponsored to feature these products, I truly use them and have purchased all of them! I hope you get to try one of them!


My Tiffany's Wishlist for Valentines

Valentines is just around the corner and with so much love in the air, I was inspired to visit Tiffany's boutique in Montreal. From the Super Bowl to weddings, Tiffany has been present in countless lifetime celebrations. They have surpassed your average company and have paved a legacy of jewellery design; setting their standards very high for others to reach their level of craftmenship. Their coveted blue box unveils a long history in the jewellery industry that it would take me more than an article to tell you everything I learned the day of my visit. Here are some of the items I wish I could get my hands on! 

The atlas collection is probably my favourite of all and these bracelets (bangles) are elegant, bold and exquisitely beautiful. The combination of the roman numbers with the delicate touch of diamonds around is simply outstanding. This is a timeless piece and I truly wish to have one!

What girl doesn't like bows? These bow necklaces are adorable and will honestly make any girl smile!
They go perfect for day to day look and are simply cute!

This arrow necklace is part of their recent gatsby collection and it simply captured my attention. I love its simplicity and if I ever get it, I would wear it every day!

Now who doesn't loves to glitter? These lock necklaces are adorably beautiful, they have the perfect size and oh! It's so shiny! I'm obsessed with locks and these are a must on my list. 

Ocean stars are exotically stunning and these earrings truly capture the essence of this oceanic beauty.  They are asymmetrical and I love that! This irregularity in their shape eludes their natural state which makes them unique. These were created by one of their main designers named Elsa Perreti. 

Elsa Perreti's collection is quite organic and this bone cuff surely represents her style to its finest. This bold and elegant design is astonishingly beautiful and is definitely a timeless fashion statement. It also comes in a black tone which gives a dark and seducive touch. 

As I was visiting the boutique we approached a section that is called "celebration" because they believe that any occasion deserves to be celebrated. These set of collectives rings is an example of stacking them as you celebrate important moments of your life. This concept differs from the idea that diamonds and jewelry are only meant for weddings and graduations. Any occasion is a reason to celebrate, don't you think?!

I began showing you my most favourite piece which is part of the atlas collection and this other one that also belongs to the same. I love keys and apparently so does Tiffany's... I find that keys represent a beginning to something new and unknown... Which to me equally represents life itself. You never know which door you'll open next and that is the reason behind my love for keys. This one is very unique and the roman numbers add the effect of time on life, a perfect combination.

As I toured Tiffany's boutique I felt surrounded by many beautiful jewelry that hold each and one a story behind their creation. I hope you all enjoy this upcoming valentines day with your significant others or family and friends! If you wish to gift someone then I highly recommend you to visit Tiffany's boutique in downtown Montreal. Everyone is warm and welcoming, you will certainly find something!

If you don't live in Montreal, 
Visit their website and find out which one charms you! 


Feb 4, 2014

My Valentine Lush

I love, love, love these Lush products! They are so adorable and deliciously scented that I forget I'm single... For many single girls valentines is a dreadful day and wish they could skip this holiday. Well if you're feeling this solitary anxiety, don't worry and stop eating your emotions with ice cream because you can do better and deserve to enjoy this day as well! I've taken the initiative to consider valentines as a day to be grateful for all the love I get from my family and also take a moment to pamper myself. These Lush products can easily transform your bathroom into a magical spa. The beautiful scents take over your bathroom and your skin smells lavishing. As for those girls that have a significant other, these products are great for a romantic bubble bath for two! Read more about the products, down below.

Neon love soap 

This soap reminds me of a strawberry smoothie... But as I read the ingredients, I believe it doesn't have strawberries...probably the blend of passion fruit, cinnamon and fresh figs give that decadent fragrance. I love that the bubbles come out pink as you lather and the smell is simply refreshing. I find that it doesn't have a strong scent but as you wash, you'll start smelling all of those oils and fruits! 

Prince Charming 

I'm still waiting for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet but until then I will unwind and pamper myself with this beautiful shower gel. I love pomegranates because they are so refreshing and nurturing, I'm just glad I can finally wake up every morning and have this wonderful Prince Charming waiting for me in the shower...hihihi I'm just upset this Prince Charming is only a limited edition... So go get one, now that is here!

Love locket bath bomb 

This bath bomb is beyond phenomenal! I was told at the lush store that this bath bomb had a secondary bath bomb inside... And curious me needed to see what it looked like... And also share this discovery with all of you! (Please take note that you must be extremely careful if you cut it) The smell is indescribable, and the colour is absolutely beautiful and it has some secret romantic surprises that you'll see as it fizzes. If you're single as me then this bath bomb will make you feel special and will unveil the sexy girl in you! And if you want to have a sensual valentines with your significant other, than this love locket will truly make you bond... Share the love!

I hope these products will either fill in your single valentines day with beautiful scents and boost your feelings! And if you're in a relationship, well here are plenty of options to share with your lover! Take advantage of these products at lush, because they are only here for a limited time!!!